Top 10 Causes Of Truck Accident


Crashes involving big trucks can be some of the most dangerous seen on the state’s highways, and the cause behind them can range from driver behaviour and manufacturing defects to weather and road conditions. Usually, an accident is complicated and involves more than one factor. After knowing the reasons for crashes involving trucks, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have discovered the top ten causes of the truck accident. The foundation is base on how often factor occurs and how dangerous they are. If you have been a fault on a car accident and injured, or you need to gather knowledge about measures you can take to prevent a car crash, speak with a capable truck accident lawyer that could advocate and for you.

  • Overweight

Overweight is harmful to any truck and road also. Nowadays several crashes have been happening for this overweighting issues. You have seen. Both federal and state laws define how much a vehicle can easily and legally carry because of that a truck that is overweight can cause the driver did not set up this properly so that he loses control and speed down an incline faster than expected or roll over because of cargo that is improperly distributed.

  1. Making an Illegal Movement

Every state has a traffic safety rules, and all the rules are essential for drivers. While traffic safety rules direct truck driver behaviour, trucks often make illegal driving manoeuvres. Common traffic infractions by truck drivers include illegal passing, turning from the wrong lane, making an illegal U-turn, and travelling in the wrong direction. That’s why truck falls into the crush. If the drivers maintain the traffic safety rules correctly, the number of crashes will decrease shortly.

  1. Inadequate surveillance 

Inadequate surveillance is a significant fault for any car drives. It can be harmful anytime. Inappropriate surveillance is when a truck driver is in a situation that would require them to look around them to safely complete a manoeuvre, but they fail to listen or do not keep an eye an obstacle or another driver in their way. Mainly if the drivers don’t attentive mind on the way and Lane changes and turn at intersections are typical situations in which inadequate surveillance may occur.

  1. Travelling Too Fast for Road Conditions

As usual, a reasonable speed is standard, but over rate is a dangerous task for anyone. If it questions about truck driving, it is very much critical for any drivers. When a truck driver’s speed is higher than a reasonable standard for safe driving, they can be deemed as travelling too fast for the conditions, and they never thought about it. Drivers are responsible for keeping their speed to match terms such as  Rainy and wet roadways, fog, uneven roads, curves, and construction zones.

  1. Inattention

If you want to do any task, it is imperative that you do this task on full attentively. Generally, Inattention means that the truck driver failed to pay full attention because they were distracted or was unable to observe the driving situation adequately. Sources of Inattention while driving often using his mobile phone include texting, talking, changing the radio station, and eating.

  1. Following Too Close

When a truck follows another any kinds of transformer too closely. It happens on the highway, and it poses a severe safety risk. Generally, a large cart is not winning to stop at the time due to its length and weight, so if proper space is not maintained, the truck may rear-end the vehicle in front of them.

  1. Misjudgment of Gap or Other’s Speed

Distortion of the gap between two or three pickups, the quantity of space into which to turn safely, or of another vehicle in on top speed by a truck driver often leads to accidents. Many parts affect the size of a safe gap, including the rate of traffic and sight lines.

  1. Stop Required Before Crash

The failure of any truck drivers to stop as required, such as at a traffic signal control device or crosswalk, if the device fails to work, then, drivers don’t understand what can he do. It is a significant cause of accidents involving trucks.

  1. External Distraction

In addition to organic distractions, truck drivers’ attention can also be diverted by external factors such as animals, billboards, accidents, and scenery. If the mentioned things suddenly come on drivers eyes, he can destroy, and it can be a cause for truck accident. Even if a driver only takes their concentrate off the road for a second, the momentary distraction can cause a  big crash.

  1. Brake Problems

Brake problems can be a hazardous situation for any car drivers or even brake failure, caused by a defect or improper and technical maintenance are a primary cause of the truck crash, as such issues can render a driver unable of stopping the car in time to avoid a collision.

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