Filing for divorce in Utah? Avoid these mistakes!


When you file for divorce, there are real implications. Besides a change in your marital status, there are social, financial, and emotional implications, and you cannot just merely afford to ignore the circumstances before and after the divorce. In this post, we are sharing some basic mistakes that you must avoid while for divorce in Utah. 

  • Not seeking legal advice

Yes, there is no law that makes it mandatory to hire an attorney for your divorce, but this could be the most critical step. Your friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances may have the best intentions, but there is no substitute for an attorney. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer immediately after making up your mind, so that they can guide further on handling various concerns in a mature, practical manner. 

  • Badmouthing your ex on social media

If you want the divorce to end smoothly, don’t let your emotions burden you. Don’t post anything on social media, because it can only enrage your spouse and make the divorce more complicated. A no-fault divorce in Utah can be sorted in a few months (there is a 90-day waiting period), but contested divorces can take years. 

  • Not opening up to negotiation and mediation

It’s understandable that you have serious issues with your spouse, and those are your reasons for seeking a divorce. However, if you continue hating the other person and don’t open up to negotiation and mediation, the divorce will only get tough. You don’t have to talk to your ex directly – Allow your attorney to do the same, but you must be ready to discuss terms of the divorce. 

  • Hiring any random lawyer

A general lawyer, or someone who helped with your rental agreement, is probably a good person, but they are not ideal for your divorce case. For handling matters related to family laws and divorce, you need an attorney with specialization. Make sure that you check the reviews of the concerned law firm or divorce attorney before hiring them. 

  • Not seeking therapy

Divorce is never an easy decision. It can affect you mentally, and that can influence the decisions you make. If you are not feeling good about the whole thing or need advice on how to handle your emotions better, talk to a therapist. Even divorce attorneys often recommend clients to see a therapist to seek support. 

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