Some of The Common Injuries After a Car Accident -Your Free Guide! 


Numerous people suffer from car crashes or accidents daily. Some of these injuries can be serious, whereas some might need only minor treatments. 

If the severity of your injuries is significant and it has caused permanent damage or any disability to your health, you can consider hiring a Grand Junction Car Crash Lawyer so that your attorney can help in fighting for your rights and help you in getting a proper settlement for your losses.

The type and severity of your injuries also depend on the following components:

  • From which the car has hit you; side or front.
  • Was the driver wearing a seat belt?
  • Was the driving speed average or high?

There are two types of injuries caused by a car accident:

  • Penetrating injury- These types of damages include cuts and wounds caused by broken glass or an object when it hits any of your body parts.
  • Impact injury- In this type of injury, a person’s body part hits an interior portion of the car. It can be your head hitting the glass or your knee hitting the dashboard.

Following are the most common injuries caused by car accidents:

Injured tissues:

The most common injury is when you damage your soft tissues. This includes tissue injuries in muscle, ligament, or tendons. There are many forms in which your tissues can be damaged. However, it can be treated quickly in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Cuts and bruises

Many loose objects and projectiles move from their places like a coffee mug, sunglasses, books, or bags in many car accidents. These items can easily cause cuts and scrapes in your skin. These cuts are primarily minor and can be treated at home; however, you may require stitches if you experience loss of blood. 

  • Injuries in your head

Head injuries come in many forms and can be very severe at times. When your car stops suddenly, your head experiences unnatural movements. This can cause strain in your muscles. However, your head has chances of getting collision impacts and might also cause an internal head injury. Negligence to such injuries can cause severe effects like concussions and brain damage.

  • Injured ribs

Injuries in the ribs are also one of the most common injuries caused by car accidents. This injury is mainly caused because of the position in which they are sitting. As there is less space between your chest and steering wheels, they collide and cause chest injuries. 

Injuries depend on the nature of your accident. So if you are dealing with any damages that are mentioned above, you must seek medical attention as early as possible, even if you experience any slight discomfort or pain.

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