Guide 101: Finding an auto accident attorney in Colorado Springs?


Car accidents are unfortunate, but rather common in Colorado. If you were injured in an accident that happened because the other driver was reckless, you should consult an attorney. Colorado is a fault state, so you may have the room to ask compensation for your damages. The bigger question is – How do you find the right auto accident attorney in Colorado Springs? In this guide, we are discussing few pointers that will come handy. 

  • Shortlist your options

Ask around and check if people you know have worked with personal injury attorneys in your area. There are some really good law firms in Colorado Springs, and most of them have their websites, so a quick Google search can also help. Call the firm and ask for an attorney. The first conversation with an attorney will be on the phone in all likeliness, and if they are interested, they will schedule an appointment. You can also check websites like Avvo for listings of local attorneys. 

  • Meeting an attorney

Typically, accident attorneys will ask you to come with evidence and important documents. The lawyer will ask a bunch of questions, so that they decide on the possible factors that may have caused the accident. They will offer an assessment of the case, including an estimated settlement figure. Also, this is a good time to ask a few questions, such as – 

  1. How long have you been working as a personal injury lawyer?
  2. How frequently do you handle car accident cases in your practice?
  3. Will you work on my case personally? If someone else is assigned, can I meet them?
  4. What do you think of my case? Do you expect the case to end up in trial?
  5. How can I get updates on the case? How soon can I expect a settlement?

Ensure that you are aware of your attorney’s current case load and success rate. 

  • Costs and expenses

A car accident attorney will typically work on a contingency fee, barring exceptional cases. This means that the lawyer doesn’t need an upfront fee, but will take a percentage of the financial settlement as their fee. You can expect an attorney to charge anywhere from 25% to 40% as their fee. There can be other costs related to the case, so ask in advance. In some cases, accident attorneys do advance these costs for clients, which can be an advantage. 

Find an accident attorney soon after your Colorado accident. 

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