5 Outdoor Bar Etiquettes You Must Know In Singapore


Did you know that there are etiquettes in an outdoor bar in Singapore? Not only does it help avoid mayhems at the bar, but it also lets the patrons enjoy their time. It does not matter if you are a regular at your local or a new one— everyone should ensure that they have a good time and do not piss off their fellow patrons.

Here are the five bar etiquettes that you must not leave at home:

Don’t hog the bartender’s attention.

Going to the bar means you will need a drink— that’s the sole purpose of the place. However, remember that you’re not the only one on the spot because there are other bargoers, too. The bartender has a lot of people to serve.

So, don’t be that person who stands at the bar waving their money around or yelling for attention. It’s not a good look nor get you served any faster. Instead, make eye contact with the bartender and wait patiently for your turn.

Don’t leave your empty glasses all over the place.

Some of the beach bar rules in Singapore are similar to homes— when you’re done with your drink, put your glass back on the bar. Never leave them sitting on a table or the floor, and don’t stack them up like you’re building a tower.

It is not only rude to the bar staff, but it’s also a hazard for other customers. Also, if you’re trying to impress somebody, never leave a mess behind because it is unattractive.

Don’t hit on someone who’s not interested.

Many people go to a bar with a mission— looking for someone they can have a little fun with.

If someone is giving you the cold shoulder, don’t keep pushing them. If they say they’re not interested, then leave without arguing with them. The golden rule is don’t touch someone without their consent. Consent is key, remember that, people.

Don’t be a loud, obnoxious drunk.

The wonders of alcohol — it can make you feel invincible and hilarious. But trust me; nobody wants to be around someone who’s shouting, stumbling, and generally being a pain in the ass.

If you feel too intoxicated already, it’s time to go home, and if you’re out with friends who are getting rowdy, it’s okay to tell them to calm down. You’ll be doing the Sentosa beach bar staff and patrons a favour.

Don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Last but certainly not least: always tip your bartender. These employees work hard to ensure you have a good time, and they rely on tips to make a living.

A good rule of thumb is to tip at least $1 per drink, or 20% of your tab if you’re paying with a card. And if the bartender goes above and beyond (like making you a custom cocktail or letting you charge your phone behind the bar), don’t be afraid to show your appreciation with a little extra.

When you are going out to an outdoor bar in Singapore for a night, don’t leave your manners and etiquette behind.

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