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If you want a ride in the culinary scenes of Troy, there is plenty the city can offer. Troy has a lot to offer: dining out for exotic food, drinking at the bar on a Saturday night, or casually hanging out at the diner for tacos and hotdogs. There are so many places to eat in Troy, OH, that you would want a well-curated list to know all the best spots in the city.

Not just restaurants and cafes, the city also hosts different food festivals throughout the year: Food Truck Festivals, Strawberry Festivals, Burgers Wings Beer Festival, Sausage Festivals, and the list will go on and on.

The Most Popular Annual Festival of Troy

The Troy Strawberry Festival is a premier midwestern festival. The festival features over 100 arts and crafts vendors and 60+ food vendors in historic downtown Troy and along the Great Miami River’s banks. For 46 years, the festival has supported local non-profits.

The festival takes place during the peak of the strawberry harvest, on the first weekend of June.

The festival had a modest beginning in 1977 as a way to allow clubs and organizations to make money. It aims to be the best small-town festival in the midwest.

The festival was given a theme in 1980, which started a tradition of yearly themes that are still going on today. The first theme was “A Family Affair.” Over the years, the themes have included “Go For The Berries,” “The Time Is Ripe,” “25 Berry Good Years,” and “Let’s Talk Berries.”

The Troy Strawberry Festival must reflect the values of Troy and the Miami County Community, where hospitality, teamwork, high quality of life, and consistent innovation form the foundation of the community culture.

Troy Strawberry Festival of 2022

The festival could not be held due to Covid restrictions in the last two years.

Today, the festival is one of the most popular annual festivals in the city and attracts over 200,000 visitors to the town.

The theme for this year’s Troy Strawberry Festival is “Peace, Love, and Berries.”

The Troy Strawberry Festival Parade kicks off the festival. Other exciting competitions include a 10k Classic Run, Strawberry Pageants, Pie Eating Contests, and other exciting events. There is also live entertainment on two stages and plenty of fun activities for children.

The festival also raises funds for many local charities and civic organizations. The event is expected to raise over $300,000 for non-profit vendors and local businesses.

The Troy Strawberry Festival is especially popular with children due to the abundance of delicious strawberry treats. During the weekend, the Troy Strawberry Festival had everything strawberry filled or flavored: ice cream, funnel cakes, waffle bowls, and cheesecake. There were also food trucks serving non-sweet foods.

Going to eat out with your friends or family and spending quality time bonding over food is the idea of fun for many. But for once you can skip going to a restaurant, and visit one of the festivals. If you are looking for places to eat in Troy, OH, the food festivals won’t disappoint you.

The food festivals promise great fun. You can try your hand at games, munch away at different stalls, or make new friends. There will never be a dull moment at the festivals.

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