Tako Wasabi: A Japanese Dish


A popular Japanese dish, Tako wasabi, is also called Tako Wasa. The word Tako means a raw octopus and wasabi implies a highly flavored Japanese horseradish. The texture and taste of this recipe will take your meal to the next level if you like its taste. And it is mostly preferred to take with a glass of wine.


During 1991, a food company used to serve this Tako wasabi (ทา โกะ วา ซา บิ, which is the term in Thai) as a “punishment dish”. Later, it has become one of the popular dishes of izakayas in Japan as the employees of the company found a delicious taste and started enriching the dish for commercialization.

The main ingredient, raw Octopus, available in supermarkets. As few people don’t prefer raw food, the boiled octopus or properly cooked octopus is readily available as well. Frozen Products of Taka Wasa are stored in most of the supermarkets in Asia. In a few countries, this dish is served differently. In some places, Seaweed is added to this recipe as it improves its taste. Seaweed is used in eastern Asian countries like Japan in a variety of dishes like soups, salads, and supplements as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  

A small amount of it is with good health benefits but too much of anything is dangerous to health.

As It Is Prepared Easily, Let Us Know The Recipe With A Raw Octopus

Firstly, clean the raw octopus with salt and remove the unwanted stuff from it. Under running water, clean the slime/dirt if any.  Take the sharp knife and cut this into little pieces (preferably 2 cm each)

Take a bowl and add wasabi paste in it which is freshly prepared, and add the small pieces of the Octobers which were cut previously. To increase the flavor of it, you can also add soy sauce, sugar, mirin, plum, and sake and mix them.

Make sure every ingredient is properly mixed as each of it has its flavor. Now, this is ready to eat or you can store it in the fridge for about a few hours before consuming as it depends upon the person’s choice. 

Good For Health

Besides the taste of the recipe, it has no calories and is also rich in nutrition. It is also said that Tako wasa is good for your liver and stomach as it fights against the ethanol and protects them. Foodies, who love to taste recipes from different countries, will enjoy this unique, slippery, and chewy dish.

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