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To extricate oneself from the jungle of the law and its professionals, the portal was born. Created by young entrepreneurs, is aimed at people who are victims of medical malpractice , road accidents, accidents at work, or who are looking for a lawyer for divorce or separation reasons, etc. , offering to be contacted directly for advice from lawyers specialized in these specific issues. An effective, innovative and free service with excellent results: more than 500 users a month find the right compensation.

Would you go to an orthopedist to treat a cavity?

Would you be treated for pneumonia by a dermatologist, or a foot cast by an otolaryngologist? Answering no is natural: health first of all.

The good rule of always having recourse to a specialist fundamental in the medical field for Italians seems to end when they enter the legal field and in particular in damages.

  • Yet, choosing the right lawyer is crucial to obtaining fair compensation. As in the healthcare sector, specialization is also the rule for law firms. There are no all-round lawyers. Or rather, they exist and we must be wary of them, especially in civil cases, if we want to hope to get what we deserve.
  • It is not enough to be able to distinguish between civil and criminal lawyers. Among marriage lawyers, tax lawyers, contract lawyers, experts in environmental, administrative, corporate, commercial, labor, insurance, health, European Union, trade union, urban planning law, the range of specializations for lawyers is truly impressive. Every law firm, every legal professional, can offer expertise in limited areas.

The compensation-online portal for damages was created to guide you in your choice

Especially in this period of crisis, in which companies and professionals aim at hyper specialization to differentiate themselves and conquer market shares, even in law there is uncontrollable competition and law firms are aiming for sector specialization.

The legal problems of customers, whether they are private citizens or companies, require the best professionalism to be guaranteed. It is important to reiterate this since a new phenomenon is emerging in the competition between Overland Park Accident Lawyer the competition for a reduced price. In fact, more and more potential clients are calling various law firms without paying attention to the quality of protection but only to the fees to be paid to the lawyer, asking for example if they can get a lower price than other law firms contacted previously. Obviously there are people who believe that law firms are like supermarkets, where in order to save you go in search of the cheapest discount.

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