Some Reason Why You Have To Come To Labuan Bajo


At Labuan Bajo, you will feel a complete sense of travel. From marine tourism, cultural tourism to observing ancient times’ animals. Not only that, Labuan Bajo has also preserved many beautiful destinations, making it the perfect vacation destination to relax after busy daily activities. Here are the reasons why you should go to Labuan Bajo.

1. The experience of living on a sailboat

Unlike the common hotels or villas where you go to stay while you spend your break, in Labuan Bajo, you can stay and live in a sailboat designed specially for tourists. This ship is like a hotel, with rooms and other equipment on board. When you go to Labuan Bajo, the feeling of being on the boat, without a doubt, would be a new and unforgettable experience.

2. Exotic Sea World

For those who like the beauty of the sea, Labuan Bajo has an underwater paradise everyone must visit. Yes, the beautiful coral reefs and marine animals make it a special attraction for tourists. You can snorkel or dive in different locations in Labuan Bajo. Take Samsia as an example. There, you can see the beautiful sea and directly interact with turtles and even sharks. In addition, there is a famous diving site, that is Manta Point. If you are lucky, you will see large stingrays from around this spot. If you want to relax on the beach, you can go to Pink Beach. There, you will see a beach that is distinct from other ordinary beaches, because the color of the beach’ sand  is pink or rosy.

3. The Beautiful group of Islands

Another reason to go to Labuan Bajo is that this destination has exotic islands. The first is Padar Island. This location is the first choice for anyone who comes to Labuan Bajo. Many tourists often use the mountains surrounded by a wonderful blue sea to enjoy the sunrise.

In addition, there is Rinca Island. It is one of the most visited islands. The reason is that the island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon. Therefore, if you have not seen the Komodo dragon with your own eyes yet, enjoying the Labuan Bajo tour is highly recommended. On Rinca Island, you can experience the Komodo dragon and observe it up close. In addition to the two islands, Labuan Bajo has other islands too, Kanawa Island and Keller Island.

4. Cultural Tour

If you travel to Labuan Bajo, this one will complete your whole itinerary. After enjoying the beauty of the sea and the island’s topography, you can visit the cultural tourism on this island. This destination, called Wae Rebo Village, has a unique local culture. This can be seen in the triangular houses of the locals. Besides the local culture, you also need to visit a beautiful cave. Come to Rangko Cave or the place commonly known as Goa Buaya. The exception is that there is a salt pool in the cave, which can be used for swimming.

Now you see how exciting Labuan Bajo is, so be sure to prepare something before going.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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