Oral hygiene and characteristics of a French bulldog


Often, the owners of a French bulldog or a Pug avoid oral hygiene of their dogs. However, the dental hygiene is vital if you want your French bulldog to keep its teeth healthy and on the other hand not to overwhelm you with its bad breath. There are specific products for the dental hygiene of dogs that eliminate tartar and all the bacteria that your French bulldog accumulates daily in his mouth. You will have to get used to him little by little because it is something that he will not like very much at first.

Characteristics of the French bulldog

Dogs of this breed are most likely the result of various crosses between bulldogs and various local dogs. Later on, he became popular in high society and the art world and quickly became part of it, due to his unique appearance and unique character.

Characteristics of Frenchie

French bulldog and Pug are molosser type dogs and small in size (with short hair, very muscular, strong and compact body). They are also very powerful for their small stature. They have a compact structure and a solid bone structure.

  • Coat: smooth and short.
  • Head: strong, large, broad and square. The skin has nearly symmetrical folds and wrinkles.
  • Nose: flat and black.
  • Ears: called “bat” ears. They are erect (of medium size), broad at the base and rounded at the tip, set high and with stiff, parallel covers.
  • Muzzle: broad and deep.
  • Lips: black.
  • Eyes: dark, in accordance with the color of the hair, moderate size, round, neither sunken nor bulging and do not show the white part of the eye when looking straight ahead.
  • Color: fawn, brindle, fawn with moderate or widespread white spots and brindle with moderate or widespread white spots. The totally white specimens are considered within the standard as long as their nose and eyelids are pigmented black.
  • Tail: small, naturally short, thick at the beginning and knotted at the end.
  • Weight:  from 8 kg to 14 kg, the size should be proportional to the weight.
  • Legs: short.


Do not forget that the hygiene of your Frenchie Dog is very important for its health as well as for its quality of life. If you do not have time, there are many canine beauty centers where they bathe for a small price and do all this so that they are always well clean.

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