Why Raw Diet May Increase Dog’s Frequent Urination


Introducing a new diet to your dog comes with several challenges. First, it’s possible that your dog suddenly pees in the house after the switch. This is most likely a problem with sodium consumption, and chances are that the dog is not consuming enough sodium. But there could be other important reasons for this as well. Stay on to uncover more.

Why the Sudden Urination?

Dog owners need to understand the dog’s sudden constant urination or incontinence to prefer a solution that works. This is the best way to help tackle the problem from the roots. Below are some of the most common potential causes.

High Sodium Intake Equals High Urine Output

Sodium is important in human and dog bodies. However, it has to be consumed moderately to avoid causing health issues. Too much sodium triggers the kidney to overwork to balance the amounts in the body. As a result, the dog may experience frequent urination. Some of the foods in the raw meat diet are full of sodium; hence, switching to raw meals can trigger excessive urination in dogs. Watch the source of the meats you give your dog and ensure they are not saturated with water and slats.

High Protein Triggers Urination

Most raw diets are high in proteins. This means changing your dog’s diet to a raw one may cause increased urination. Excess, unused protein is broken down into energy. In the process, more nitrogen is produced, and more water is released. This process creates urine in a scientific procedure known as protein dehydration. 

Low Protein Increase Urination

When the raw diet does not have sufficient protein, it produces an excess of glucose. This leads to more water production and, as a result, urine increases. 

Hormonal Imbalance Causes Frequent Urination

Thyroid and Cushing disease may lead to hormonal imbalance, which triggers sudden peeing in the house. In most cases, this disease may affect senior or adult dogs. 

A new Mediation

Some dog mediation also triggers increased urination. As you switch the dog’s diet, you want to be sure that there is no new medication that comes with it. 

UTI Dogs also develop urinary tract infections. This can trigger excessive urination and cause the dog to pee in the house.

Dog Incontinence for Senior Dogs

Urinary incontinence is common in senior dogs. Several things, including: can trigger it

Untreated bladder stones that cause infections

Kidney diseases

How to Act when your Dog Suddenly Pees in the House After Raw Diet Switch

Act fast and contact your vet. This is your first line of action as it helps rule out the possibility of health issues. 

Even as you make changes, ensure to be careful about the ingredients in your food. Invest in high-quality raw dog food like those sold by Houston Raw Pet Food. There are benefits to purchasing foods from companies focusing on raw dog food production. These foods have all the nutrients your dogs need.

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