Buying International Air Tickets – Some Proven Tips that Always Work


International flight tickets can be expensive. Being the biggest part of a travel budget can often put your international travel plans in jeopardy. Mentioned in this post are some ways to reduce the price you pay for your flight. Keep reading.

While budgeting for an international trip, flight and hotel costs constitute the majority of the expenses. Thus, it is only wise to look for ways to reduce your overall travel cost while looking for the best deals on flight and hotel prices. Let’s look at five tips that can help you reduce your ticket costs.

  1. Fly High with Low-Cost Airlines

While booking international tickets, you’ll mostly be required to choose between full-service and low-cost carriers. While low-cost airlines usually cost lesser, they reduce some amenities in the bargain. Some of the essential amenities you might have to let go of are:

  • In-flight meals and beverages. However, you can pay extra during the booking or while in-flight.
  • Lesser legroom. You can opt for some premium seats by taking this add-on during web check-in or while booking your flight tickets.
  • Lesser baggage allowance. While most flights should come with a check-in baggage allowance of up to 15-25 kgs, some full-service airlines come with a much higher limit of up to 30 Kgs.

Also, do note the arrival terminal in case you are taking an outbound international flight. Some countries have a different terminal for hosting low-cost carriers, which may be further away from the main city.

  1. Off-Season is the Right Reason to Travel

Almost all popular tourist destinations have peak and off-season. With tourists flocking to the place during the peak season, it will surely increase ticket prices. It is not just air tickets, but you might have to spend more on other things, such as hotel reservations, activities, etc., as well. However, do check the weather conditions before planning your trip. For instance, while Dubai is a great country to visit during December, January, and February, the summer months can be scorching hot with the mercury touching 50-degree Celcius.

  1. Plan Early to Save Dearly

Air tickets prices are set in blocks, with the first block of tickets usually being the cheapest. With every block getting sold, the airlines increase the prices. Thus, booking a few weeks or months in advance can save you quite a lot. Acquiring your tickets will also help you apply for the visa. Moreover, be flexible with your travel dates to enjoy better savings.

  1. Start, Stop, and Fly

When you start looking for flights, you can either choose non-stop flights or take a Via flight that stops at one or more airports. These, although they take much longer than non-stop flights, can help you save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, you can enjoy some other airports or even countries if you choose to exit the airport along the way. However, do note that you might need a transit or a tourist visa if you are exiting an airport.

  1. Miles to Go Before You Fly

Joining a frequent flyer program makes a lot of sense, whether you’re planning an international or domestic trip. These programs grant you miles every time you buy a domestic or an international air ticket through them. Not just that, but you can accumulate miles by shopping online or eating out, or even filling fuel in your car.

All you have to do is select the program’s list of partners while doing your day-to-day activities. These miles can later be redeemed against flight tickets, hotel reservations, and much more. Apart from making your travel cheaper, they also award you many privileges such as lounge access, complimentary seat selection, more premium service, etc.

So what are you waiting for now? Leave all those expense worries behind. Pack your bags and book your tickets using these cool tips and fulfil your dream of visiting your favourite international destination. Make sure you check the travel restrictions and travel advisory issued by the government before you plan your trip.

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