5 Different Types of Cakes that you Should Try


Cake industry is full of creativity and a wide variety of cakes are in the lot! A new cake design is added to the lot from time to time and with the advancement of technology, the cake designs are easily reached to different parts of the world where bakers incorporate these designs to their own list. Now as many new baking tools and techniques are introduced, baking an ultimate cake design is no more a matter of trouble and that’s why today you can easily have an edible photo cake or superhero themes designer cake! If you are wondering what all cakes are out there in the baking world, then scroll down a bit and find it all!

Red Velvet Jar Cakes

Well, you should definitely try these heavenly delights if you haven’t already. The Red Velvet jar cakes are swift moist layers on cakes placed decoratively inside a small jar and then topped with red velvety frosting! Try these delicious jar cakes with your loved ones and you will crave for some more jars filled with delicious cakes!

Decorative CupCakes

Cupcakes are sweet and cute as they are moist creamy cakes placed inside the small cups. The best part about the cupcakes is the frosting on the top of it. A lot of different frosting and decorations are done on the top of the cupcake. Generally the cupcakes are available in the batch of 6 or 12 and you can order it for all your friends and family.

Picture Perfect Photo Cakes

Imagine getting a cake with your or your desired photograph printed on the cake! It is possible with the help of edible inks that are used to print the photo on the top of the cake. Thephoto cakes are generally ordered on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Try this cake on the upcoming occasion!

Eye-catching Designer Cakes

From wedding cakes to cakes ordered for kids birthday parties, designer cakes are ruling the cake industry as everyone loves to incorporate these beautiful and amazing designed cakes into their celebrations. The different types of cakes like superhero cakes, cartoon cakes, etc. look so realistic that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

Delicious Pastry Cakes

Pastry cakes are the mini versions of a normal cake. The pastry cake is additionally cut in a decorative fashion and is frosted in a stylish way. Before serving the pastry cakes, they are placed inside the microwave to heat. You can also try these delicious pastries after cooling them in the refrigerator.

So, these were some of the best cake types and designs that are in the market. Incorporate these into your functions, events, and even to satisfy your sweet cravings. You will definitely love these cakes and you can also send these cakes to your loved ones easily through a reliable online bakery. Try these cakes in different flavours with your loved ones and keep on exploring the beautiful world full of lip-smacking cakes.

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