What Should You Know About Water Pressure?


All Day Plumber in New Haven understands the frustration associated with low water pressure. If your home is constantly feeling this effect, then it may be time that you did something about it because nobody likes to take a shower and the only thing that comes out is a little dribble. This can cause a great start to the day to become frustrating throughout.

The Makeup of Water Pressure

We measure water pressure by the amount of strength it takes to push water throughout a water main pipe.

The strength of the water pressure is simply measured by using a pressure gauge. You need to be aware that water pressure will differ from one location to another as well as certain times.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of pressure in the water main is determined by your location and how far away the water supply is. This means your pressure will be lower if you are at a higher elevation because it will require more pressure behind the water. Plus, gravity also plays a major role in the amount of water flow.

If you want to learn more about how your water supply’s pressure is determined, then contacting your area’s water company will be your best bet.

If you want to figure out your water pressure yourself, locate your area’s water supply and determine the factors affecting the flow of water.

No matter what factors come into play, another determining factor is the amount of demand placed on the water supply. The hours where this demand usually begins is at 7am and then goes back to normal at 9am. It is between these hours that water pressure will be decreased due to many people using water simultaneously. There may also be times during hot weather that an increase in water demand is higher in order to keep things watered.

Water Pressure and Water Flow, What Makes Them Different?

When it comes to water pressure and water flow, there is a significant difference between the two. First, we determine water pressure to be the amount of strength required to push water through pipes. Second, water flow is the amount of water that passes through the water pipes.

Due to the difference of flow rate and water pressure, the flow is always able to reveal the amount of water pressure that comes out of your faucets.

How to Raise your Low Water Pressure

There really isn’t much water pressure for as far as accomplishing the basics like washing dishes, hand washing, or during tooth brushing. However, for tasks that require more in order to perform well, such as a shower, could be affected.

To get started, you need to determine the type of system your water runs on.

Knowing which system you have will determine what you need to do to check the pressure. For example, if your system is a combi boiler you should perform the following steps:

  • Make certain to open the tap stop valve all the way
  • Make certain that you have the system set at 1

For gravity water systems, you will highly benefit from a water pump being installed for your home. There are many to choose from so the price will vary among them. A pump will give you an instant increase in water pressure regardless of your current amount of water pressure.

When it comes down to it, water pressure is able to control the amount of comfort that you and your family can enjoy. It can be frustrating to wait for good pressure to return, but if you know where to turn to help resolve the issue, then you will be able to enjoy the comforts that it can provide. If you would like further information, please contact an All Day Plumber in New Haven today.

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