What is the Primary Role of an Anesthesiologist?


Are you preparing for surgery? You would have given a lot of thought to the credentials, training and experience of the surgeon who is performing the procedure. However,meeting physician anesthesiologist in Kolkatais equally important. He has a critical role to play before, during and after to keep you safe and comfortable.

Role of an Anesthesiologist

He meets you and the surgeon before the surgery to find about your health. He ensures that the anaesthesia care is safe and effective. He’ll monitor the vital signs during surgery, including the heart and lungs to find out how well they are working while you are unconscious. They also take care of the surgery to ensure that you are comfortable while recovering.

Anesthesiologist plays a crucial role in taking care of the patients who are undergoing minor surgery and don’t need general anaesthesia. For instance, she is necessary for women in labour who needs effective pain relief. For patients who have severe pain injury or chronic pain such as migraines or back problems, they can be helpful.

Physician Anesthesiologist is medical doctors like any surgeon or physician. They specialize in anaesthesia care, pain management, and critical care medicine. They have required knowledge to evaluate, monitor and supervise patient care before or after the surgery.

What Kind of Anesthesia Does He Provide?

The anesthesiologist may provide the following kind of care, depending on the situation:

  • General Anesthesia. It is delivered through a mask and makes the patient lose consciousness. It is used for operations, knee replacement and even open-heart surgery.
  • Monitored Sedation. It makes you feel relaxed and results in different level of consciousness. The level of sedation varies from minimal to deep. In the minimal procedure, the patient feels drowsiness but can talk, but deep sedation means the patient will not be able to remember the procedure at all. It is used for minimally invasive procedures.
  • Regional Anesthesia. It is a pain medication to numb a large part of the body, such as waist down. It may be given through the injection or catheter. Even if you are awake, you will not be able to feel the numb area. It is used during childbirth and for surgeries of arm, leg etc.
  • Local Anesthesia. It is an injection which numbs the small area of the body where the procedure is being performed.


Before any critical surgery, it is crucial to meet the anesthesiologist in Kolkata to understand the risks fully.


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