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With time and modernisation, home decor is getting more significant in terms of modifications which brings the element of ‘expensive’ to it. And apart from that, it is a matter of thoughtfulness and creativity. If money is not a problem you can hire a home decor expert, to do your home renovations to see the project through making sure your home looks like your personalised heaven. But if you want to improve it by yourself on a low budget, then we indeed have some budget-friendly home decor ideas for you.

Decor Items For Bedside Table

People are using the stylish beds and bedside tables to provide a designer look to their bedroom, but they do it all wrong by putting items of use on the tables. Well, the purpose of bedside tables is to have easy access to things you might need, but it can be done in a creative and beautiful way. You can use decor and useful items such as quirky mobile phone stands, magazine holders, water glass holders, or remote television stands. None of them is gonna cost you much but will surely instil an upgraded and beautiful look to your bedroom.


While we talk about the improvement of home decor, it is also important to keep the improvement of the home environment in focus. And plants bring both the aspects in a single frame. You can use plants to beautify the corners of your home, the entrance passage, your balconies, and add a touch of soothing in the guest room. You can pick a bamboo tree potted in a glass vase or a snake plant potted in a quirky vase. If you live in metropolitan cities where pollution levels are rising, then it is highly recommended to opt for air-purifying plants.

Key Hangers

One of the biggest concerns in the home is to keep all the keys in one place. And for that, key hangers are the best option. One of the best places to put the hanger is the entrance passage wall. If you choose the design of the hanger with the utmost thought and according to the colour theme of your home, then this useful item can turn the table upside down to beautify your home decor. And you will also be saving time that you spend in finding the keys through your home.

Furniture Placement

This one is the zero cost idea to improve your home decor. We know that furniture plays a big part in the overall look of the home. And thus, one spends a lot on buying the best furniture items for his/her home. We are sure that you have also purchased some great furniture items. But, if all the expense is not doing the job, then you can consider re-arranging the furniture. Find yourself a spare day and try different positions for the different items. You can also consider purchasing a new item if the old furniture doesn’t fit as per the overall look.

We hope you will beautify your home to its very best!

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