Pancreatic Cancer- The hazardous disease


Cancer is one such disease that is scary and life-threatening to another level. Just the name of it can scare someone to death, and the disease is life-taking. One such is Pancreatic Cancer, cancer that occurs in the pancreas. If it is detected in the early stage, then it is curable.

Pancreatic Cancer consists of 4 stages, i.e. 0-IV, and the cure of the disease depends upon the stages and how far it has reached. Pancreatic cancer is curable until it is in a mild stage, and in the pancreas itself, it shouldn’t spread to the other parts of the body. As it is rightly said, one should undergo a full body check once a year.

Why does pancreatic cancer occur?

Pancreatic Cancer occurs due to heavy smoking, heavy alcohol or drugs, unhealthy lifestyle, hypertension, obesity, type2 diabetes, hormonal problems, etc. The pancreas, the organ located right above the stomach connecting small intestines, is the most affected part along with the kidney.

The most affected people are from the age of 50 and above, but with changing times and lifestyle, it also affects younger ones. Unlike other cancers, detection of Pancreatic Cancer is quite hard. Although the mortality rate has slowed down with research and techniques, it is still one such cancer that has been undetectable for quite some time. Pancreatic tumour bursts out very quickly, and that too in metastasis.

Symptoms to know if cancer has spread out from the pancreas

  • Most general symptoms we see in pancreatic cancer: feeling or being sick
  • Sudden weight loss, stomach pain, Symptoms of Jaundice, ascites.
  • When cancer reaches the stomach, we see Pain on the right side of the stomach, always feeling sick, no appetite, weight loss, swelling up of the stomach, jaundice symptoms.
  • So, when it reaches the lungs, the symptoms are incessant cough, breathlessness, blood while coughing, pleural effusion, chest infection.
  • When it reaches the bones: extreme pain, backache, weaker bones, hypercalcaemia, anaemia.
  • If it spreads to the spinal cord, the symptoms are extreme pain in the spine, weakness in the legs, numbness, paralysis and loss of bladder and bowel control.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer

There are various treatments of Pancreatic cancer like chemotherapy, radiotherapy which helps cancer to shrink and are done when the person is not in an early stage. While when detected at an early stage, doctors provide medicines, painkillers, and appropriate treatments to cure the disease.

Mostly the duration of spreading of stage I to IV is about one year. It is one of the quickest spreading cancers, as predicted by the researchers.


Cancer is one such dangerous disease, but one has to keep calm and faith. There are cases where an IV stage patient has been curing, and a stage I patient has lost the battle. It’s all in mind, stay strong, keep the positivity and fighting spirit alive, and no one can stop you from getting cured. No disease can kill a person other than the person losing the spirit. Pancreatic Cancer might be undetectable and scary, but it is not undefendable.

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