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‘Only a swimmer knows how deep the water is’ stands true in case of selecting a winning slot. Online Slots is a huge money-making market with multiplayer system. Every time a player picks a slot random number is generated. The number of times a player click on SPIN you pull in a slot that often has a lot of Complex Algorithms that generate a series of Random Numbers. There are many variations to pull the best slot in any Slot Online Game.

Ever thought of winning one?

Here is how you can make it Happen!

The Key to win any online slot is choosing the Right Machine with the right RTP (Return to Player) percentage. This is the first, and the most important point to be considered while playing an online slot.

Check out promotional offers for earning additional discounts along with rules and regulations of the game.

The primary argument for choosing the right bet depends on the Random Number generated by the slot. This is just a part of the Online Slot Games logic whereas, the probability of winning an online slot seems more complicated when diving deeper into the world of Online slots.

Winning Mathematics

Winning an online slot depends on four Major Pillars each of which are interdependent contributing to a Winning slot or the best bet. They are Payback percentage (a calculated base amount to be retained by the customer), Hold percentage (a percentage retained by the casinos), parameters set by the Manufacturer of the machine (vendor mark is set usually between 92 and 96 % probability) and Volatility Index (determines the frequency of payouts on a particular machine).

Winning a slot totally depends on the conditional probability of the events occurring which is directly proportional to the joint probability of Four Major Pillars i.e Payback percentage, Hold percentage, Parameters set by Manufacturer of Machine and the Volatility Index.

For Example: consider an online slot of 3 random numbers and number 9 appears on all the 3, The probability of number 5 appearing in the entire slot of 3 digit random number is 1/9 × 1/9 × 1/9 = 0.33333 i.e the probability of 999 appearing in the Winning slot is 0.333%.

This is just in case of Simple slot of 3 digit random number (Note: this probability is excluding the all the four pillars of online slots, i.e hold percentage, payback percentage followed by parameters set by Manufacturer along with Volatility Index). Lets, Consider a case of Random Digit Numbers of 14-15 digit size and calculate the probability of Generating Random Numbers for a Jackpot. What we observe in this case is The bigger the size of the Number the more the volatile slot machines are.

You are Ready — to Win!

Try to figure out of the highest payout percentage from the website, cross-check with the Rules, and Regulations, Look out for Promotions and offers, Identify the best Bets available on their website and before you enter the gaming arena prefer to have a Substantial Amount of Money and per-requisite of the Calculations involved to play Online Slots.

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