NESTA and Spencer Institute: Your solution to Home Workout and training Following COVID-19 Crisis


The news of COVID-19 is what is running across all news channels and the internet. The pandemic has created a lot of unrest and despair among the people. The number of deaths has crossed 1 lakh across the world. The extended lockdowns are giving spine chills to the corporate industry, as the manufacturing unit is completely shut. 

Just like the corporate industry, the fitness industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Now many of you must be thinking, “How did COVID-19 affect the fitness industry?”

Yes, it indeed has affected the fitness industry. Due to the closure of gyms and fitness centers, the gyms and personal trainers have been deprived of their payments.

People are staying at home, but by staying home, can we ignore being fit? The answer is a big fat NO. Staying at home can never be an excuse for not working out and staying fit.  

A New Wave of Fitness

NESTA and Spencer Institutes, leaders in the fitness industry, have a paved way out for this problem to get solved. These companies have come up with an exclusive quarantine offer of providing free gym kits to personal trainers working from home and a set of fitness and wellness coaching videos, which range in a variety of training techniques and unique exercises that can easily be done at the ease of your house. Fitness coaches hold fitness training online ranging from yoga to martial arts, Pilates to sports conditioning, all in the form of a registered program enlisted in the company’s list. 

The practice of personal trainers and coaches providing fitness training online can enhance the flexibility of a person and increase their immune system. Days after the quarantine when you rush to the gym, you would not find yourself out of shape. NESTA and Spencer Institutes through this practice of providing gym kits for personal trainers working from home also encourage individuals to try and run their gym in the space of their house, which can lead to a lot of saving of both money and time. 

Workout from home, may not sound very fun and result yielding, but if done with full dedication can match up to the results that you get in a gym. In this moment of widespread distress, everyone has to stay home to stay. But till the time, companies like NESTA and Spencer Institutes are present in the industry, even home workouts can turn out to be fun and in proper guidance. 


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