Meet the Top 4 Clubs in Vienna, Austria


Austria a sport-loving country and its love for skiing is not hidden from the world. Other than skiing, Austria also had a long tradition of playing football. The oldest football club includes Vienna FC with a decent number of Vienna Supporters, which makes the local football league exciting to watch. 

Due to leagues like the premier league and German Bundesliga, the love and attraction of the audience towards Austrian Clubs have declined. Still, there is a lot of good club with a decent number of the audience coming to visit the football match. 

Here are the Top 4 clubs at Vienna that you can visit: 


Vienna FC is the oldest football club in the country with a lot of Vienna supporters who come to encourage the player. The Football Club saw its downfall in 2017 due to the financial issues. The Vienna FC is famous as once Mario Kempes has played in the club. The Hohe Warte Stadium is also iconic and known to host a football match with 85000 spectators once. 

The Vienna Supporters are passionate about football and their players. One thing that you are going to like when you visit the Vienna FC game is the Vienna supporters using the English chants that may surprise you. 


The Wiener Sport-Club was once a football giant and had many records in its name. One of the achievements of the WIENER SPORT-CLUB is beating Juventus in Europe by 7-0. The WIENER SPORT-CLUB has a friendly atmosphere that you are going to like if you do not want to hear the racial and homophobic slur thrown in between of a football match. The WIENER SPORT-CLUB supporters are aware of the social conscience, which makes the stands as the best place to see the football match. 


SK Rapid Wien is one of the best clubs in the country and one of the biggest city rivals. The club is well-supported and has won numerous trophy. The best part about the club is their supporters, SK Rapid Wien supporters are the most enthusiastic with the tradition of giving 15 minutes standing ovation to the player for encouragement. 


FK Austria Wien is one of the big professional clubs sharing a rich history of achievement and rivalry with other big clubs. The club is not as big and well supported as Rapid but share an equally long and proud tradition with other clubs. The club has recently rebuilt there Generali Arena stadium, making it one of the modern Bundesliga Stadium.  

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