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A growing interest for many over the past year has certainly found its way into esports betting as early on in 2020 the postponement or cancellation of bigger sporting events led many to seek out virtual alternatives – with a huge range of different genres available covering the big titles in esports and also more familiar options too, the best esports betting sites have coverage of all of the big titles like the ones here – but where should you get started, and how can you make the most of your esports betting options?

The bigger games have the best markets – The top end of esports is made up of the big three games in Counter-Strike, DotA2, and League of Legends, and as the three titles that bring in the most viewership, they also have the best betting markets and best odds for the bigger events too. With packed event schedules and plenty of games throughout the year, there’s always plenty to bet on, and so if you’re looking to get started in esports betting these are the obvious choices. There is the difficulty that there is a lot of nuance to professional play, and it’s not always easy to follow along if you’re a newcomer, but there’s plenty of information out there to help you get started.

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The smaller games are growing though – There are more options becoming available particularly in more familiar markets like FIFA and the NBA as the big organisations are now directly supporting their own move into esports and the big franchises jump on board too – it has helped introduce a much wider audience to esports, and for many may be the way forward as it provides a much more recognizable game for the growing audiences. There are still some teething issues as they try to figure out broadcasting and other important factors around the shift to esports, but early attempts are certainly going well – and certainly a great opportunity for newcomers who don’t fully understand the nuances for the other big games.

Everything in between – The middle of the pack esports titles are a bit of a muddle of everything – from some familiar titles and game styles to something completely new, but unless you’re an enthusiast or a bigger fan of these services it may not be worth investing time into these just yet – they’re still growing, the markets aren’t too big and as such odds and pay-out rates aren’t the greatest either. Whilst the same may be true for the smaller games, they are much easier to follow in many regards, but the middle of the pack is changing extremely quickly, and betting on these titles may become much more accessible in a shorter period of time.

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