Invisible Ink Marked Cards and Contact Lenses


It’s always been a mystery to us all how people like magicians out of the blue know exactly  which card is in the volunteer’s hand? Have you seen magicians playing out card tricks and thought that why not can I be there? If you are one of those kids who wants to entertain people by card tricks then you should definitely consider the Invisible Ink Marked Cards, they are definitely the best when it comes to camouflaging the act of cheating by using a tricky card!


Many people are usually very enthusiastic about getting to know about, how are they playing cards marked? Especially the Invisible Ink Ones in this very case! Firstly, all the marked cards that are in existence are exactly the replicas of the original ones in case of the external structure. The only variable being that the marked cards are refined by the professionals to turn them into the cards that make us all excited and enthusiastic!

One of the best ways to get the playing cards marked and help people play the infamous magic tricks are,


Invisible Ink Marked Cards- 

Invisible ink marked cards contact lenses are considered by everyone as the best-marked cards available at this point of time. They are basically marked using luminous and invisible ink on the back of the card and it is done by our technical team appointed for the work. As the name suggests the marks on the Invisible Ink Marked Cards are not visible to our naked eyes.

The invisible ink back marking cards can only be visible to our eyes when we have the contact lenses on. And there is no getting worried about being discovered or caught by someone. Using invisible ink to get the cards marked is the best and the safest option of trickery by now. Being the safest available method it is the first preference of many players and magicians.

Now if we try to distinguish invisible ink marked playing cards on the basis of their quality then, of course, every brand has been setting a benchmark by presenting their own cards and yes each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. The markings on a good quality playing card clearly are a lot more on the brighter side and are edgier thus, in turn, making them more clearly when looking at them in a very dark setting.

As we are all well aware that the invisible ink playing cards cannot be utilised to gain any benefits if we do not own the invisible ink contact lenses! The invisible ink marked cards for sale are available for all customers around the world. They can identify the marks on the Marked card so as long as you have them all your game is on.

Meeting the needs of our customers to our highest ability we have introduced the latest set of Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards and Contact Lenses! Put these contact lenses on and identify what markings are on! This sale, get yourself, some entertainment, fun, magic entailed!

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