How To Wear Solitaire Earrings To Complement Your Face Type, Get The Cue Here


Diamonds have always been the cream of the jewellery world and most women long to have as many as diamond-studded jewellery as they can afford. Wearing diamond necklaces is not feasible for an everyday look. Hence, most ladies go for different pairs of diamond-studded earrings. One of the significant trends in this is solitaire earrings, which are available in many different shapes, designs and patterns. But do they all complement any face type? Is there a particular type of jewellery design that suits a specific face structure? Of course! In fact, it is fascinating to see how the shape of a person’s face can define so much about their looks. There are mainly five types of face structures – round, square, heart, long and oval.

There is no doubt that earrings influence the look of each face type differently. If you want to flatter your face structure, then you need to choose the right shaped earring. This article will help you understand what’s the best choice of earring for your face shape. Thus, you can save a lot of time while finding the right pair of earrings.

  1. Round – If you have a face structure which is wide across the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead as well as the jawline, then your face type is round-shaped. Go for medium length dangler earrings with round patterns if you want to complement the highlights of a round face. Try to avoid small or oversized loop earrings as they will make your face look rounder.
  2. Square – If your forehead is aligned in an adjacent straight line with your hairline and your chin is flat or square, then you have a square face. To highlight your features, go for round or floral patterned dangler earrings as it will complement your angular features. If you want to choose some elegant stud earrings, then look for floral or rounded patterns. Try avoiding square and other sharp patterns, be it of any length.
  3. Heart – If you have narrow cheekbones, broad forehead and a tapering chin, then you have a heart-shaped face structure. You will have to add volume to the narrow chin to balance the look, and for this, you must go for drop-shaped earrings. Be it danglers or studs, a drop-shaped pattern is sure to not only balance the narrowness but also enhance your heart-shaped face structure.
  4. Long – If you have an elongated face type, then you must be extra careful about the length of earrings you choose. Your earrings length should not clash with the length of your face. Keeping this in mind, you can choose any pattern and shape. There are absolutely no restrictions in stud earrings but if you want to go for danglers keep the length medium. Try to opt for slim danglers with delicate patterns.
  5. Oval – Let’s say you are the lucky one as an oval shape is balanced and perfect. The best part about this type of face shape is that mostly all sorts of shapes and patterns complement it. Feel free to experiment with any shape and length earrings.

The availability of various options in solitaire earrings can cause difficulties while choosing one. If you stick to a shape that complements your face type, then you won’t regret making an investment in future.

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