How to Get Tested for Sexually Active People


Be as honest as possible with your medical provider or nurse about your sexual lifestyle, so they are able to assist you in deciding which tests would best suit you. With an STD, having an outbreak is not something to be embarrassed of. It may even signal that there is a larger underlying problem. Chlamydia Test could save your life.

Your healthcare provider or nurse will offer you a variety of STD tests. Some tests require a But most can be self-administered at home. If you notice any symptoms that could indicate that you do have an STD, tell your doctor immediately. Also be honest about your sexual lifestyle. You wouldn’t think your doctor would suggest you go out and have anal intercourse if you had a syphilis infection would you?

An STD test can include a physical examination of the cervix and inside of the vagina. These tests will indicate if you have had vaginal intercourse, and/or penis-to-penis contact in the past. A visual examination will look for visible symptoms, such as sores or an uncommon discharge from the vagina. You may also be asked about your history of STD infections. If you are a smoker, the cervix and inside of the vagina will be examined for the presence of small patches of blood.

Your healthcare provider will also give you a shot or a series of shots to help get rid of the bacteria that cause STDs. This will be part of your routine std testing. There are many ways to get tested for STDs. If you work closely with your doctor, he or she will likely discuss the best way to get screened for sexually transmitted diseases.

If you work closely with your healthcare provider, he or she may suggest one or more of several ways to get screened for sexually active people. It’s a good idea to have regular STD testing done. The easiest way to get yourself tested is through the health department. Most private employers offer this kind of coverage, and it is usually offered to all employees as part of their health insurance.

Men who have a monogamous relationship with another man should be concerned about getting tested for STDs. Men who have multiple sex partners while not married should be concerned about having an annual exam to determine whether they are healthy. Condoms do not provide protection from STDs. Men should use protection during sexual activity, and they should get regular STD testing done. Prevention is the best treatment.

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