Hair Care: Here’s a Complete Guide for You to Repair Damaged Hair


Be it an important interview, a much-awaited occasion or an exotic vacation; you would always want your locks to be all shiny, healthy, and beautiful. After all, it’s no secret that good-hair-days can lift your overall mood and add charm to your look. On the other hand, dull, dry and damaged hair can not only blemish your overall appearance but also take a toll on your self-confidence. Thus, it becomes significant that you put your extra efforts into taking good care of your hair, so that they are always in their best shape. Similarly, if you have damaged locks, ensure to take the necessary hair care measures to repair your damaged hair.

Below, we’ll be guiding you through some essential tips that can help you repair damaged hair:

  1. Choose The Right Products

The haircare products that you use play a significant role in defining the health of your locks. Therefore, it is advisable that you choose your haircare products wisely. You must avoid harsh shampoos, conditioners and masks, as they can damage your tresses in the long run. Instead, consider opting for hair care products that will provide your hair with essential nutrients and vitamins, thereby reducing dryness and damage. A few hair products by Godrej Professional come with a touch of nature, and can help you sport healthy, glossy locks such as Avocado Nourish Shampoo, Avocado Nourish Mask, Honey Moisture Shampoo, Honey Moisture Mask

  1. Avoid Over-Shampooing Your Hair

While shampooing your hair is a great way to make them soft and silky, over-shampooing will only do more harm than good. Over-shampooing can strip off the natural oil produced by your scalp, making your hair dull and frizzy. Therefore, you must shampoo your locks just twice or thrice a week. Also, refrain from using hot water for washing your hair, instead; make use of cold or lukewarm water for a hair wash.

  1. Prevent Sun Damage

The harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your tresses. To avoid this, you must cover your hair before stepping out in the sun. Moreover, you can also apply heat protectant serum to your locks to protect them from sun damage. Apart from the sun, there are various other environmental stressors such as pollution, dust, etc. that can wreak havoc on your hair health. Ensure that your locks are well-protected against such environmental stressors.

  1. Eat A Healthy Diet

Last but not the least, you must ensure that you provide your hair with the much-needed nourishment by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. A well-balanced diet that is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids can work wonders for your hair and keep them all shiny and glossy. Consider adding eggs and meat to your diet, as it can compensate for the lack of structural protein called keratin in your hair. If you are a vegetarian, walnuts, spinach, sweet potatoes, blueberries, etc. should be a part of your diet if you wish to don glossy and shiny locks.

Now that you have a fair understanding of various tips that can repair damaged tresses, ensure to make the most of it to sport healthy, shiny locks that you have always longed for

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