During COVID-19, Caregivers Can Increase Senior ActivitiesBy Making Sure They Are Fit


The Coronavirus pandemic knocked on our doors like an uninvited guest and made our lives super hard. Considering the severity of this disease, it has been very challenging not only for the people suffering from it but also for the caregivers who run special patient care services.

The only way to avoid this disease is isolation, which seems like an easy way but in reality, it is affecting people’s mental health, especially elderly people who generally live alone and rely on home health care or nursing services.

While terms like isolation and quarantine have become way too common these days, these are not very easy to practice. Living alone can cause medical and psychological issues and people who are over 60 are the most vulnerable.

If reports are to be believed, another alarming thing for the elders is the chronic loneliness. “Almost one-third of those over age 60 in the United States live alone, far more than in any of the 130 other countries surveyed,” reads a recent Pew Research Center study.This research clearly states that most elders already live alone hence this social isolation can make the situation even worse for them.

In this situation, patient care services, home health care, home nursing services, etc. seem very helpful. They don’t just give better care to the elders but also ensure good health and happiness for them. It is a challenging task to increase senior activities during COVID-19 while reaming safe. But don’t worry here we’re with some solid solutions.

How to increase senior activities during COVID-19 while remaining safe:

As we mentioned above that it does not seem to be a good idea to socially isolate the elders in the already tough time. But how to socialize with them during the Corona epidemic? Well! Here’re some easy ways to care for your elders without putting them at risk during a lockdown:

Video Chats

FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and lots more. All sorts of online options are available to connect with family and friends. Just give your elders a short tutorial and they’re all set to connect with you anytime. Interestingly, one doesn’t need to be very tech-savvy to use any of these video calling apps. What’s daunting is setting up an account is a bit daunting, which you can do a bit for them, but rest things will be super fun and easy for them.

Care Packages

Everyone loves a little care! Yes, surprising them with a care package can make their day happier. You can prepare a small package filled with some healthy edibles, their favourite stuff, and some care products like sanitizer, mask, etc. It will make them super special during their isolation period.

Social Media

Why don’t you motivate your elders to do something new? Like joining social media? Ask them to stay connected with social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it will reduce their loneliness and make them feel surrounded by so many people in the online world. Most importantly, it will be something new for them so I am sure they’ll enjoy it. You can also become a little more active in your family WhatsApp group to connect with them more often.

Indoor Picnic

An indoor picnic is another feasible idea that can be executed without keeping the safety at stake. Your parents can’t step out and visit you but you can go to their place and plan an indoor picnic with them. You don’t have to make it too fancy because all that they need is your company for some time. Since lockdown is easing now, you can plan a surprise visit to their place and plan an indoor picnic in their backyard or on the terrace.

Personal Care Service

If your elders are not keeping well, you can hire a 24*7 patient care service for them. There are various home health care or home nursing services available in the market. The caretaker will not only provide them with care but will also ensure to be around 24*7.

Of course, it becomes quite difficult to stay connected during these testing times but remember social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Yes, with little ingenuity things can be managed. For all of these services, you can opt the best services for elder-care from Emoha. They are the best known for their trusted home nursing services; they’re like the one-stop solution for all the elders. Lastly, do not forget to wear a mask or sanitize the surface of following the COVID-19 safety measures while practising the things mentioned in this article.

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