Does washing your hair too often increase the rate at which it is lost?



Oily hair may irritate you, and it is not uncommon that you wish to wash them every day; people do it. However, oil is essential for your scalp health, hair, and hair follicles. Shampoo commercials can make you believe many things that may not be true concerning your hair. Nevertheless, oil-free hair cannot always seem good. It can be dreary, and you may face difficulty in styling them. If you have hair loss issues, consult with your doctor for suitable hair loss treatment for men and women. He or she may diagnose your condition and help get rid of your problem.


What are the factors that affect your hair washing?

Some people wash their hair daily. However, some don’t need to wash them every day. This may rely upon certain factors. Let’s learn them.


  • Type of hair


If you have thick and curly hair, congratulations! You are lucky. This type of hair does not require frequent washing as the oil does not reach the strands evenly. However, people with straight and thin hair need to wash their hair very often or even every day as the oil coats them fast and makes them look oily.


  • Oil


Oil is the leading reason why people want to wash their hair daily. The oil production in the body depends upon certain factors like genetics, environment, age, and sex. Children and aged adults produce less oil than teenagers and adults. On the other hand, some people have weak and fragile hairs that they fall out with washing. Therefore, people with such kinds of hair wash hair once a week.

If you experience hair loss even after oiling your hair properly, you can ask your doctor for suitable hair loss treatment for men and women.


  • Physical dust


When people do gardening, go to dusty places, or do something messy, they may need to wash their hairs. The dirt and dust can stick to your hairs and cause you to wash them every time you do such activities or go to such places.


  • Sweat


Sweat can make your hair feel dirty and stinky. You need to wash your hair after a workout or task that leaves you with sweat.


What is meant to over wash your hair?

Shampoo can help eliminate excess oil and freshen your scalp. However, if you wash your hair daily, that too with shampoo; it can damage your hair. Your hair can become dry and lose the essential oil required by the scalp.

You can consult with your doctor about how you can prevent losing the necessary oil from the scalp. For the same purpose, avoid washing your hair with shampoo every day. Even if you wash them daily, rinse them out without a shampoo. Moreover, apply shampoo only to the roots of your hair. When you wash them, the ends will automatically be cleaned.


Is there a connection between dandruff and shampoo?

Overwashing can leave you with dandruff. Itching, roughness, dry hair, and dandruff, all are symptoms of an excessively dry scalp. However, this doesn’t indicate that we should abandon washing our hair with shampoo forever.

Natural hair oils can help maintain the health of your hair. However, remember not to apply all the oils to your hair at a time. You can consult with your doctor for the same. He or she may suggest well-working hair loss treatment for men and women, along with prescribing you the best natural hair oils. Applying shampoo less often to your hair can change the look and touch of your hair. Moreover, you may get rid of itching and dandruff by doing the same.

You may also get benefit from replacing detergent-based shampoo with other effective ones. It is advisable to consult with your doctor to know them. Also, ask him or her the best way to use the new product, if you opt.

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