Corsets vs. Waist Trainers – How are they Different?


Women have many questions regarding – what is waist training? Are waist trainers the same as corsets? If no, then how are they different?

Waist trainers are different from corsets, check the below differentiating points:

  • Waist trainers are used to defining those shaping garments that target the abdominal area specifically. That is precisely where its similarity to corsets ends.
  • Waist cinchers/trainers come in multiple colors, patterns, and print options. You can find cinchers that offer a range of different coverages, from the simple waist trainers to thong bodysuits, body briefs, and versions with straps. Corset has no end in terms of fashion experimentation as they come in brocade, satin, or even flashy embellishments for the party look.
  • For comparing the effectiveness of both for waist training, there’s really no competition: use a corset. Corsets are comparatively more sturdy and are designed to pull in the waistline over time, making waist training a more natural process.
  • A waist cincher provides a slimming effect, designed to be worn underneath your clothes. While, corsets can be worn over or under your clothes as well, and are designed to create the “hourglass figure,” instantly taking inches off your waist.
  • Steel boned corsets are constructed from a rigid, yet flexible fabric that is reinforced with steel boning to give the corset strength to pull in your waist and accentuate the curve of your hips and bustline. In contrast, waist trainers are made from a combination of nylon and spandex or latex, some with plastic or steel boning.
  • Corsets are made to sit around the midsection and can be either an underbust or overbust.And can be worn over or under the clothes. Corsets come in multiple styles that have less and more extreme curves to fit a variety of different body types. The waist trainers have limited options in this case.

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