Classic Car Restoration vs. Restomod: What’s The Difference?


There is a long-standing debate between classic car collectors. Which side are you on, restoration or restomode? If you are a beginner who is only looking at vintage Mercedes parts for sale, this whole debate might be confusing for you. However, it’s really rather easy to understand.

Restoration and history

Restorers, at least the very hardcore ones, want their classic cars to remain the same inside and out. This means that they go through pains to replace parts with OEM ones to make them look and run like they used to when they first came out. This, however, also means that the car might only be suitable for exhibitions. If they run at all, it would be during parades.

There is a high chance that they will not be fit for highways and certainly will not pass most emission and safety tests. This is because while their broken parts have been replaced by OEM brand new ones, they don’t have airbags and other modern features which the roads and states require these days.

Restomode is slightly different

Restomode-ers also like their classic cars to be restored as they were. However, with some modifications. Hence, the term, “restomode” for restoring and modifying. What you’ll see in most restomode cars is the same aesthetically restored cars as before. However, it looks a lot different under the hood. Restomode cars made with vintage Mercedes parts for sale will look the same as strictly restored cars from the outside. Restomode cars may have more modern engines and workings under the hood, as well as safety features like airbags. They are also likely to pass emission and safety requirements today. This means that restomode cars are likely to be seen on the road and are safe for highways and city driving.

Which one should you choose?

Either restoration, in the strict sense, and restomode can be good for you. It’s all a matter of preference. You can go for restoration if you are after the historical side of classical car collecting. Most people who purchase vintage Mercedes parts for sale fall under this category. If they take their cars out for a ride, it’s usually just within their homestretch. The cars are often kept in well-maintained garages and are exhibited during important collectors’ events.

If you would like to live the life and be able to drive your car in the city, though, you might be more comfortable with a restomode vehicle. These vehicles will still have the same vintage look you are aiming for, but it won’t be a clunky bunch of metal under the hood. It will have the same engine power, emission standards and safety features most modern cars have. You might even want to try going for a hybrid classic car if you wish.


No matter what you choose, it is important that your car looks good from the outside and is highly stable on the inside. They should have sound engines and should be fully conditioned before hitting the roads.
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