Today kids are using the Internet for all of a lot of purposes such as for their online school classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, making projects, connecting with their friends through social media, consuming media through YouTube and other sources. However, while using the internet on cannot neglect the possibilities of potential harmful effects of the internet such as Cyberbullying, Cybercrimes, Data-Thefts, etc. thus we need to educate them and prevent any of such things from happening with our kids.

Here a few bullet points that will help you in making your child Cyber-secure-

  • Your computer device or laptop must be equipped with the latest and good quality of anti-malware and anti-virus. Never trust some cheap brand as they do not offer much security. Anti-Virus and Anti-malware software acts as the first firewall between your child and the hackers, if your system is vulnerable then so is your kid.
  • Educate your child thoroughly about Cybercrimes that he\she might encounter. Such as random messages or emails from strangers, Cyberstalking, other such activities. They must clearly understand that they should not click any of the random links from random e-mails or messages. They must not talk with any stranger on the internet and especially should never try to meet them in person.
  • You must be fully aware of the entire website that kid is using for surfing the Internet. The online lido learning platform is excellent in safety standards. You must assess the risk of using a particular website using online risk assessment tools. Also, check out the Lido classes schedule and curriculum to know more about secure learning.
  • You must have his entire passwords and you must go through all of those accounts regularly to know if anything is suspicious.
  • Strict parental control must be ensured so that none of the unnecessary websites could be reached. 18+ websites should not be allowed to used and if needed then must be done under adult supervision.
  • Along with parental control, you must have strict timings and proper scheduling when even you can monitor the child while using the internet. Parents should also be very aware of noticing any suspicious activity of the kid such as receiving unknown gifts, sudden changes in behavior, etc. Talk to the child if you so find any of such activity.

You must not allow purchasing anything online without your presence and supervision. If you allow him/her for making payments online at any random website without you having supervision over them than they are most likely to be looted by some fraud or thug.

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