Ways to Score High in Sociology Optional in UPSC Exams


Civil services are one of the most preferred career choices in the entire Indian subcontinent. Thus, to prepare for such an envied career, one needs to know the basic prerequisites before attempting the examination. Being aware of the syllabus is one such prerequisite you need to be defined about. The syllabus for prelims and mains should be crystal clear to the aspirants before they decide to sit for the examination. 

Another important selection should be regarding the optional subjects for UPSC mains. UPSC optional subjects play a significant role in being the score-differentiator for UPSC aspirants. The optional subjects approximately make up for 30% of the total marks in the UPSC mains exam. These marks obtained in these subjects are considered for the preparation of the final merit. 

However, since these subjects are pretty important, the candidates need to make a cautious choice. Thus, if you are an aspirant who has finalized sociology as your optional subject and is tired of searching for proper sociology optional coaching, we got you. This article will inform you about things you need to know if you choose sociology as your optional subject. It will also guide you regarding other information you need to know regarding the optional syllabus.

Though there are a plethora of subjects available for the aspirants to choose from, sociology is considered a safer option. Sociology optional syllabus is not as tough as compared to the other subjects because it barely requires any particular knowledge or academic background for its preparation as an optional. It has proved to be beneficial quite a few times to the candidates because it helped them score well without any particular prior knowledge. Also, since it is pretty popular as an optional subject, plenty of study materials are available for it. If you are a beginner preparing for IAS, you should start with NCERT’s 11th and 12th books.

Sociology test series helps students strengthen their ability to think sociologically. They can therefore be able to draw the right connections and develop the needed sense of preference. They will be able to discover more about what should be written, what must be written, and of course, what can be written. Since this subject is pretty easy to understand, even students with a science background can attempt it safely. It also assists with the essay paper since, generally, at least one essay concentrates on social issues. It also helps the students during their interview round. Sociology can also help with the ethics paper.

Which candidates should choose sociology as an optional subject?

As mentioned prior, any student can take sociology as an optional subject because it deals with society, and we all are a part of the society itself. So, it is not much hard to attempt for this subject. Apart from aspirants with a humanities background, students from technical backgrounds can apply for it too. This is because students from other backgrounds also have an edge in applied aspects of sociology. Students from other streams mainly prefer sociology because it is much generalized in nature, and no specialization is necessary for it. 

It also helps the students in better preparation for their interviews because it deals with speaking abilities on multiple levels. The syllabus is also not much longer, and questions on theories keep repeating quite often; thus, there is no need to worry about shockers too.


Aspirants are well aware of the importance of optional subjects in the main course. Sociology plays quite an effective role as an optional. It not only helps the candidates score good marks in optional but it also comes with several other benefits. The success rates in this particular subject are impressive enough to make the students want to select it for their mains.

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