If you have an international credit card, you will not be able to buy online bus tickets. Hopefully, they are going to transform that soon, but in the meanwhile, you have one, potentially two choices.

The best alternative is most likely to the ADO bus station and purchasing your tickets personally. We have never had any type of issue with this, also in the high period, although we have come across specific paths marketing out. You can purchase your tickets any time, from any kind of station, so if you’re stressed over your course offering out, this commonly just occurs in extremely high holidays/ season, we’d highly recommend you go to the ticket counter as early as you can and buy your tickets. But, if the route has numerous buses, as well as choices each day, you must be fine to acquire your ticket on the day of travel. Keep in mind that queues can get fairly long, so do not wait up until the last minute, else you can end up not getting any ticket for your bus. The majority of stations take money, as well as a credit card, yet we have experienced a few that just take cash.

The various other option we truthfully yet have to master. Downloading as well as installing the app of ADO on a phone. Do your search the same way you would over your desktop computer. Undergo the booking process, we needed to utilize google translation occasionally, yet it was reasonably direct, requesting for e-mail, names, etc., as well as select your seats. The first time we attempted this I had the ability to return to the application and still see my booking. However, when we came to the station to get, as well as pay for our tickets, we located that they were no more held for us, the trick is you need to be there at least two hours in advance to obtain your tickets. The good thing is that the bus wasn’t going from another location, so we had to simply choose different seats.

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