Tips to Reduce Expenses When Traveling ana Bringing the Travel Big Berkey Water Filter is an Excellent Idea


There are plenty of places on your bucket list, but you couldn’t go to all of them due to the expenses. Given your recurring expenses, it’s difficult to save enough money to go on a trip. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to reduce your expenses when traveling. You can start by bringing the big Berkey water filter. Instead of continually buying water from a local store, you can place tap water in the water filter. It will help you save a lot of money. Besides, there’s no guarantee that the place that you’re going to visit has clean drinking water. Hence, it makes sense to bring your own water filter. These are the other tips to help you save more money during your trip.

Find an affordable accommodation option

There’s no need to stay in a five-star hotel if there are cheaper options available. You’re only going to stay for a few nights, and you don’t need the best hotel possible. If you’re planning to travel on a long-term basis, you can look for an apartment that you can rent for an entire month. The monthly fees are way cheaper than the nightly cost of staying in a hotel. Compare the options first before you determine where you’re going to stay.

Look for accommodation with a kitchen

Another way to save money is to find an accommodation with the kitchen. Instead of eating out all the time, you can buy ingredients in a grocery store and cook them in the hotel. Eating out could be expensive. You might also have a hard time finding a place that serves dishes you can eat. If you have food restrictions, it’s even more difficult. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying out local restaurants a few times during the trip.

Avoid traveling during peak season

During the peak season, everything is expensive. From hotel accommodation to airline tickets, you might have to spend up to 30% more than the usual amount. Therefore, if you can travel to a destination where it’s not the peak season, it would be helpful. However, you need to know why the place that you’re going to visit is in the low season. For instance, in some Caribbean countries, the low season means that it’s storm season. You don’t want to travel during this time since it’s a considerable risk. You wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of the beaches under the circumstances.

An excellent strategy to allow you to travel during the low season is to work even on holidays. It allows you to finish all the tasks assigned to you. It’s also a way of proving your commitment to the job. If you’re going to ask for a holiday leave next time, your employer will probably allow you. Hence, you will have more flexibility in choosing the dates for the trip.

Use budget airlines

You’re going to sit on the airplane for only a few hours during the flight. There’s no need to book a first-class ticket if an economy ticket will suffice. You can also choose budget airline since there are plenty of promotions throughout the year. As long as you can find an airline that travels directly to your destination and has a positive reputation, it’s good enough.

Don’t be an impulsive buyer

One of the reasons why people spend a lot during a trip is that there an impulsive buyer. Each time they see something, they decide to buy it right away. They don’t even think about the value of the items they intend to purchase. It helps if you can set a budget that contains everything that you’re going to spend on the trip. If the things that you plan to buy aren’t on that list, you should suspend your plans. As you walk along with different shops and markets, you will find many things that you would want to take home. If it’s your first time to visit that country, everything seems normal to you. However, the novelty might wear off, and you will regret that you purchased something that isn’t worth the cost.

Rent a car for local transportation

To save money for local transportation, you can rent a car. It’s true if you’re traveling as a group or with the entire family. Look for a vehicle that can fit all of you in. The good thing about renting a car is that you don’t need to spend every time you visit a place. Sure, public transportation is cheaper, but you have to multiply the amount depending on the number of people traveling. Car rental might be expensive, but it allows you to avoid spending again for local transportation.

Apart from saving money, renting a car also allows you to visit any place you want. There’s no need to wait until you can find a bus or be in the middle of a crowded train. You will save time and avoid feeling stressed out. You can even avoid traffic if your chauffeur knows the best route heading to your destination.

Avoid partying and excessive alcohol

When you get drunk, you will end up spending more money. Besides, in some countries, alcoholic beverages are pricey. You can still go to a bar and have a drink, but don’t spend too much money. You can always get a bottle of wine or a can of beer when you get back home. Look for an experience that’s unique to the place that you’re visiting, and don’t drink too much.

Look for places where locals go

You can ask some locals where they head out for lunch or dinner. It’s an excellent way to save money. Locals don’t usually go to expensive restaurants since they have other expenses to consider. If they point you to some local places that offer affordable food, you should try.

Get comprehensive health and travel insurance before leaving 

In the age of the pandemic, it’s vital to have insurance before you leave home. The insurance coverage must be comprehensive enough. It should include both health and travel expenses. If you get sick while traveling, the insurance will cover the cost. In some instances, it will even include repatriation flights.

With these tips, you can save a lot of money and have more than enough for the next trip.

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