Beginners Guide To Tacking up a Horse


The equipment used to ride a horse is called tack and knowing how to get your horse ready to ride is an essential skill for every level rider. Knowing how to tack your horse provides safety and comfort to the horse and the rider so you can enjoy your experience fully. Here are some things you need to know to be able to tack your horse properly.


You can purchase inexpensive horse tack to make sure you have everything you need for your next ride. Tack includes a saddle blanket, saddle, girth and bridle. The saddle should match the type of riding you plan to do, which can be English or Western. Once you have the saddle situated, it’s time to put on the girth and bridle. Each part has straps that need to be adjusted to fit your horse for comfort and stability. The better you tack your horse, the more control you will have while riding.

How to Tack a Horse

First, you need to secure your horse to a hitching post for safety. It’s important to groom your horse before placing the saddle blanket on to prevent irritations. Dust and dirt accumulated under the pad can lead to sores on your horse’s back. Once your horse is brushed it’s time to place the saddle blanket on. Next, you can place the saddle on your horse. You’ll need to adjust the buckles and straps on the girth to achieve a comfortable fit for your horse. The last thing to do is put the bridle on. A bridle includes the bit that goes into the horse’s mouth and the reins that allow you to control the horse.

Get out on the trail or in the arena with a properly tacked horse so you can experience an amazing ride.

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