Are You Aware of the Difference Between Brokers and Transporters?


While you decide to ship your vehicle through any transporter, you may research it and end up getting quite a few offers too. However, do you know whether the offers that you have got are from a transport broker or actual transporter?

You have to understand the difference between these two, while you finally make your final decision before you seek their services. For shipping car across country you may prefer to seek services from Ship a Car, Inc. who is in contact with a wide network of transporters all over the country.

Before you decide with whom you must prefer to ship your vehicle, let us try to know the pros and cons of both the option.


The broker will actually arrange for your transportation through his network of transporters and also get a commission from them. Following are pros and cons if you prefer to deal with a transport broker.

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  • Lots of options

All brokers have got plenty of access to many transporters and maintain very good business relation with them. A good broker will be able to arrange for your transport at very short notice to meet your emergency need.

  • Plenty of alternate options if necessary

If the truck carrying your vehicle ever breaks down on the way, then a broker will find another truck so that your vehicle can be taken from the broken-down transport and proceed further without wasting your time.

  • Industry knowledge

A good broker may have long lists of carriers with whom they communicate almost regularly.  They are aware of what is happening in the transport business and hence can offer you better advice while choosing your transporter.

  • Easy to reach

A good broker usually will always be available to answer your call and they are always more proactive about various issues.


  • Good sales talker

Beware about a few brokers who may be a very smooth sales talker and can lie to you instead of telling you about the actual situation.

  • Bait and switch

They may start with a lower quote, but there can be many hidden fees that you will know later.


Transporters will have their own transport and they will also book and transport your vehicle to your destination.


  • Low price

Since they do not need any commission, if you get a reliable transporter then you can get their service at a much lower price.

  • What they say will be based on facts

Since they are actual transporter and hence they know the condition of the various routes and update you with facts.


  • Long time to repair

If their truck ever breaks down then you have to wait longer.

  • Time may not match as per your priority

Most transporter may have only a few trucks and hence they can offer service based on their availability.

  • Communication issues

Transporters are a little poor in their communication.

Keeping in view of the above, you must prefer a reputable broker who has a good track record and people talk very high about them.

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