Why are Your Brakes Grinding?


The hardest part of driving is about controlling the speed and keeping your brakes in check. Brakes being a very important aspect, their wellbeing determine the vehicle and the driver’s safety on road. With having the brakes used constantly, they are sometimes used exhaustively and that brings them to the point when they grind. This is usually common with faulty brakes and they require expert attention. You must know the reason behind these sounds and hence we are writing this blog for you.

Rotor discs and calipers are rubbing together

Loud screeching sounds followed by every brake application indicate that the rotor discs and the calipers are rubbing against each other. This normally happens in cases of complete brake pad wearing out and the metal grinds while producing the sound. In such cases, take your car to the mechanic for immediate attention. This is because driving with such brakes is unsafe and leads to wearing and tearing of the rotor disc. It becomes very expensive to repair or replace the entire thing.

Lodging in the calipers

When there are constant screeching sounds produced, you might want to inspect it yourself. Because there are high chances that there might be something lodged in the caliper, maybe a small rock or gravel. The issue can be serious; however small the object is.

Dust or dirt deposition on brakes

Every brake sound might not be a warning sign of the brake’s health. Sounds can also be produced due to the formation and deposition of dirt and dust on the brakes. In such cases, you can just have your brake pads cleaned and you are good to go.

Faulty braking system

There can be major issues built up with your braking system at times. These can break your banks too. One of such problems is any major fault in the entire braking system. Ignoring this problem for a long can pick up other serious damages to the system and affording a whole new system can be hectic and expensive.

Improper lubing

Squeaky sounds can also be generated due to the absence of proper and smooth lubrication. The parts within have dried up and the components are striking against each other upon every brake application. In these cases, you can apply brake lube and your system will be back on track.

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