5 Recommendation of Authentic Riau Souvenirs


Riau Province is located to be exact along the shore of the Malacca Strait. If you’re traveling from Jakarta, you have to travel by air for about 2.5 hours to accomplish this archipelago province. After a very long trip, it’s incomplete without obtaining some Riau souvenirs to take home.

When you need to choose what souvenirs to purchase, you do not have to get confused, here are five things many travelers are looking for.

Riau Style Batik

The typical souvenirs that you are even obliged to bring home to Riau are batik. Unlike batik generally, which is not bound by a regular motif, plants and animals often inspire Riau’s batik patterns. Some of the Riau batik motifs comprise Tanjung tuber flower, flower, Cempaka blossom, and sunflower that is layered. The price itself varies depending on the quality of the material and this batik’s fashion.

Beans Hit

At first glance, the peanuts look like a Javanese snack. On the other hand, the hit beans’ feel tends to be milder and tastes sweeter. The method is quite simple, mixing glucose and peanuts to shape it according to taste.

The bean sprouts were grown from the Bagan Siapi-api region. In the past, this bite was made by Chinese citizens. But, it is more popular as a Riau souvenir that is typical. Because many are sold at souvenir facilities, you may get it as well. One of the best-known manufacturers of peanut sauce is HH’, which begins at IDR 25,000 per box.

Kemojo Cake

One thing that is characteristic when consuming it is the arousing aroma of pandan from the Kemojo cake. The texture of this cake is coarser and has a distinctive green color and combines with milk. In the past, Kemojo cakes were made in molds. Well, this bite is just one of the typical Riau souvenirs with flavors like durian and chocolate.

You can buy it in Sukajadi, on Jalan Rajawali No 72 D, Pekanbaru. Prices change and are economical for tourists, starting from IDR 15,000 to IDR 20,000.

Soft Durian

Durian clay is a Riau food originating from the Bengkalis area. In appearance and texture, the durian clay is much like sweet lunkhead. It’s different from lempuk if lunkhead’s raw material is made up of a combination of rice and flour. Lemp is processed without utilizing these additives.

Lempuk durian is added with sugar and is made using durian meat. The taste and aroma are very distinctive and second to none. You can find it at the Mega Rasa store on Jalan Jendral Sudirman No 397 C-D, Sail, Pekanbaru. You only need to prepare money starting from IDR 25,000. Isn’t it quite cheap, right?

Lopek Bugi

Lopek bugi is a glutinous rice cake with a sweet taste. It is said that in the past, lopek bugi was a dish to get aristocrats on religious holidays. But now everyone can appreciate it.

Bugi in Indonesian means rice, while lopek means fast.

How to get lopek bugi is quite easy, sellers can be found in souvenir centers along the Pekanbaru – Bangkinang road. Even in Danau Bingkuang Village, about 1 hour in the center of Pekanbaru City, almost all residents work as lopek bugi sellers. Here you can buy Lopek Bugi at affordable prices starting from IDR 10,000 per box.

Vacation is more than just food. It’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Riau by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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