4 Exciting Activities Traveller Can Do at Borobudur Temple


The Borobudur temple at Magelang, Central Java, can be regarded as a must-see for travelers. Situated on Menoreh Hill and surrounded by the four hills of Sumbing, Sindoro, Merapi and Merbabu the temple sits involving the Elo and Progo rivers. Together with the royal beauty of the temple, the landscape supplies a view, unlike any other.

Following a trip to Borobudur temple, even investigating the area is an alternative for travelers. Conventional lives with customary rituals, arts, performances, and handicrafts remain intact in cities nearby. You can also do some activities listed below:

  1. Visiting around the Villages nearby Borobudur Temple

With the support of jeeps or packs, tourists may gaze in villages across Borobudur temple. Bikes are available for visitors. some of the favorite destinations in the region includes the Junkyard Autopark, Gereja Ayam (the Chicken Church), and also Punthuk Setumbu hill.

Tourists are encouraged to drop by balkondes (village market halls) at 20 distinct villages in the region. Balkondes serve as rest places for tourists in which they can purchase handicrafts, try out the culinary specialties of the village, or remain in deserts.

  1. Strolling around The Art Galleries

Lately, hotels around the Borobudur temple have begun to offer their places because art galleries are showcasing works of artists from several cities in Indonesia. Other art, statues, and paintings are displayed in corridors, restaurants, cafes, and hotel lobbies. The region is also home to several art spaces that host art exhibitions or events. Other art galleries and studios comprise Limanjawi Art House, Padepokan Apel Watoe, and Eloprogo Art House.

  1. Water Sport such Rafting at Elo and Progo River

The Elo River is ranked Grade II (moderate) in problem levels, which is acceptable for novices. The rafting path starts from Pare village and also finishes at Ngentak. The duration for the route is two to three hours covering a distance of 11 km. Rafting can be done in two places: the top and lower paths while around the Progo River. The upper path is Grade III and 9 kilometers in space, taking two hours to finish. The decrease path includes a higher difficulty level, ranging from Grade III and Grade IV downstream of Temanggung regency. The route is and takes five hours to finish.

To enjoy rafting along the Elo and Progo rivers with their strong currents and beautiful scenery, renting a rubber ship costs Rp 1 million (US$71). Do not hesitate to try because all of these activities are conducted under the supervision of specialist guides.

  1. Going out to Klipoh for Creating Earthenware

Klipoh, situated about 5 kilometers out of Borobudur, is a village famous for its earthenware merchandise. However, the walls of Borobudur, one of those reliefs depict the manufacturing of those products. Here, tourists are welcome to make their very own earthenware products. Several manufacturing centers also offer classes for visitors to understand how to make them.

Residents here have created house decorations and plates, mugs, ashtrays from clay. An individual can notice smoke coming out from furnaces while women work in front of their houses with clay.

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