3 Tips On How You Can Enjoy The Summer With Your Kids During Quarantine


Summer is usually a time when families enjoy vacations, barbecues and amusement park visits. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has made leisure travel and public gatherings quite risky to undertake. Here are three tips which will help you to enjoy a fun and wholesome summer vacation with your kids while in quarantine:

  • Establish a fixed routine

During summer, your kids might have completed their academic year which means that they will no longer have online classes during the day. For this reason, it is important for you to come up with a summer routine whereby your kids will be enjoying fun activities during the day such as watching kid friendly movies or even engaging in arts and crafts to keep their minds engaged. 

  • Stay Active

Depending on the type of restrictions in your local area, you can try and find some safe and enjoyable outdoor activities to do with your family. For instance, paddle boarding is a great sport that you can teach your kids during this time. All you need to do is purchase a paddle board (preferably an inflatable stand up paddle board) then go over to your nearest lake or beach and enjoy fun times on the water. 

The best thing about a paddle board is that it comes in a variety of sizes hence you can easily find one that your children can use. An inflatable stand up paddle board can provide the perfect escape when your kids become bored of staying indoors all the time.

  • Don’t be a workaholic 

With many employees still working from home, it can be tempting for you to focus on meeting deadlines without taking any time off during the summer months. You could request for a few weeks of leave from work or even set boundaries whereby you avoid performing work related tasks over the weekends or on certain days so that you can spend time with your family. 


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