You Need the best StylesFor Nail Polish


It’s not easy being a woman. But in the list of female frustrations from a ladder in those new tights to lipstick on your teeth, there is one annoyance that stands far above the rest: the excruciatingly slow-drying nail polish. That’s how you do something about it.

Place your nails in ice water or run them under cold water.

The cold makes nail polish dry faster, so a few minutes in a bowl of ice water will go a long way. Be careful if you choose the tap: if your nail polish is still very wet, you can ruin it by the current strength. The message is to let it air dry for a while and not turn the tap too hard.

Put your hands in the freezer for a moment.

The same principle as the ice water, but a little faster and of course also a bit more unpleasant. It is important to use quality holographic nail polish, so be sure to get one that is good. 

Use a quick-drying topcoat

Yup, there are topcoats that not only ensure that your nail polish stays beautiful longer but also allow it to dry faster. After applying the two coats of lacquer, wait two minutes to use the clear topcoat. If everything goes well, your nail will be completely dry after one minute. Sounds like heaven, right?

Spray baking spray (vegetable-based.) On your nails

Beware: opt for cooking spray based on natural oils, not based on butter. Spray it on your nails, and you will see them dry faster. We cannot give you an explanation but just believe us. 

Use your hairdryer or air conditioner.

Why do what an electrical appliance can do faster yourself? Set your hair dryer or air conditioning to the coldest setting and let the technology do the blowing for you.

Invest in a nail dryer

If you want to approach it semi-professionally, then you go for gel polish and a nail dryer. You have dryers in all price ranges, but this affordable one looks nice too. Is it too early to make a Christmas list?

Do not use old, viscous nail polish.

Nail polish that has been open for a while will become thick and dense. That is anything but beneficial to drying. If you have little time, take one of your newer pots and do not put too thick layers.Do you like to paint your nails? Many people find that fun activity. After all, it’s a great way to add something to your look, experiment, and try new and beautiful designs. 


It cannot be easy to paint your nails without getting it on your fingers. This is very common for those who are just starting to paint their nails. Of course, this also applies to people who cannot sit still.

Use the correct technique to paint your nails.

The first recommendation has to do with your painting technique. First, you need to apply a drop of nail polish on the nail using the brush. Do it in the center, close but not too close to the cuticle.


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