Working From Home Set-Up Essentials


Over the past calendar year, the entire globe has been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has enforced us to live virtually 12 months of our lives in lockdown to combat the spread of the virus. Due to this period in lockdown, many of us office workers have been forced to work from home to ensure that work can continue, and we can continue to be paid to get us through this period. However, the idea of working from home is very alien to many of us and so we thought we’d create a list of working from home set-up essentials.

One of the most important factors to working from home is comfort whilst you are working so either liaising with your work for them to use your office chair from work or for them to purchase a chair to be able to work from. Whilst working from home, it is far too easy to work from the sofa in front of the TV or even in bed but in the long run this is going to be terrible for your back and will result in you having back pain which is one of the worst problems to have. Ensuring that you have an ergonomic chair that offers both comfort and support in all the right areas is essential.

Another important factor for your working from home set-up is to ensure that you are working with a lot of natural light will certainly increase your productivity levels. The idea of working in a dark room is something that isn’t advised for anybody, especially when in a professional environment. Putting your working area in a place with lots of natural light, like in front of a window or in a conservatory is certainly important.

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And finally, using a wireless keyboard and mouse is another important factor to working from home as many workplaces are only able to offer the use of a laptop to employees to work from. It has been proven that working from a laptop for long periods of time, can development carpel tunnel syndrome which can be a painful process for anyone. Having a wireless keyboard and mouse will ensure that you can position your ands comfortably to work from.

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