What Should You Do When You Damage Your Phone?


It happens: You dropped your phone in the toilet, or you accidentally bumped it off the counter onto the hard floor, and now the screen is cracked. Perhaps you left your phone in the pocket of your jeans when you threw in that late-night load of laundry. Now what? You can’t just grab the electronics first aid kit (what a great stocking stuffer that would be). An e-bandage just isn’t going to cut it. Time to explore your actual options.

Check Your Warranty

If you are one of those lucky people blessed by the mobile phone gods, your phone repair or replacement might just be covered. Check your warranty details, as well as the policies of the credit card (if applicable) you used for the original purchase. If you have something like Apple Care for your iPhone or a Samsung Protection Plus for your Galaxy phone, your phone’s accidental damage just might be covered.

Call a Professional

If a warranty isn’t going to cover you, it’s time to call in a professional. A quick Google search for “cell phone screen repair Odessa TX,” or whatever your phone’s injury and location are, will yield you the names and numbers of some local fix-it professionals. By checking Yelp for ratings and making some calls about pricing, you will be well on your way to a repaired phone.

Mourn and Move On

Sometimes the damage is so beyond repair that it’s time to mourn the loss of your old companion and move on to your next mobile buddy. The pain won’t last forever, and the upgraded features of your new friend will help ease the loss.

You’re human, and accidents happen. When you think about it, with all the time your phone spends moving around with you, it’s a miracle that it’s not damaged more often!

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