What is a professional loaded dice?


Professional loaded dice, also known as weighted dice in which they add a little bit of iron powder inside it to make sure that whatever number you want will come to face up, and you will win no matter what.

It works in such a manner that whichever number you want you can tell, and then he iron powder will be forced by a magnet on the opposite side of the number that you want so that you can get the number you want, and it is always responsive to this action made by a magnet.

Casino custom weighted dice.

You can buy these high quality loaded dice for sale on the website called cardslenses.com, where you will find anything that you want to buy. You can even buy an IR contact lens, casino weighted dice, or you can even buy heavy dice.

remote control dices

These custom weighted dices are used in games of casinos like carps, blackjack, etc. But these types of dices are also used in private gaming places or games like Ludo, bingo, and even business game.

To select the best-weighted dice for yourself, you will have to select that dice that will land on the particular number that you want, and after that, you will have to bring a sample and test it out before ordering a whole lot of these weighted dices.

Where can you buy this type of dice?

This type of dice is mainly bought online using a website, or you can even buy it offline through a dealer, which will probably charge you a low rate and also will maybe deliver this type of dice to your business or even your home where ever you want to take it from.

You can maybe buy these dies to make your friends rage in a friendly match, and you might also make them quit and lose hope of winning.

This type of dices is not used in main games that happen in casinos as many people come and win, whether it is a high roller or a person who plays every game safe.

You can find this type of dices on websites like:-

  • Koplow gaming:- In this website, you can even by contact lenses to see the hidden ink markings made on the cards or even walls and tables where you will play the game. They can also be found on Amazon, where they sell their products.
  • Highland games:- You can also browse their website in case you want to buy anything according to your liking that is available on the website and mostly those products which are used in gambling games.
  • Trick dice:- You can also take dices ad other things that work like magic and will help you to win every friendly game as this magic type is banned in official competitive matches.
  • Gambling collectibles:- This is a place where you can commonly get those things which are very common in a casino or in gambling games.

I hope you get the information you were searching for in this article.

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