Variations in wedding flower designs


The wedding bouquet is a focal point in creating the atmosphere you want for the bride on her wedding day. A bride’s mind may spin after a visit to the flower store due to the overwhelming number of choices available for her bridal bouquet. Even a floral designer might feel stressed out when they have to think about the demands of both the wedding and the bride, but have no fear: we are here to assist you. Using ribbon, foliage, wire, and flowers, these best bridal bouquet types allow flower delivery Kuala Lumpur to demonstrate their artistic prowess and express their individuality.

  • Tie-by-hand bouquet

This bouquet form is among the simplest options for a wedding bouquet. It’s also a popular choice among brides since it creates a timeless aesthetic not dissimilar to that of a bouquet of freshly selected flowers. This bouquet is great since it gives the bride and florist a great deal of leeway in terms of design. A bouquet, as the name suggests, is a collection of stemmed flowers that have been arranged by a professional florist into a loose bouquet and finished off with a bow or ribbon. A few brides choose to carry only a handful of the same tall blooms. Depending on the flowers used, this bouquet might convey a country feel or any number of different aesthetics.

  • Waterfall bouquet

This modern take on a classic bouquet creates the illusion that the flowers are cascading from the bride’s hand to the ground below. This form of the bouquet is often quite huge; however, there are more contemporary, smaller variants of this arrangement that are called trailing or teardrop arrangements. These bouquets are commonly used at weddings. While maybe ostentatious, this sort of bouquet can’t be denied for its glitzy appeal. Floral designers have started getting imaginative, incorporating plenty of wildflowers and other natural elements like foliage and vines into their creations. If you want your bride to make a statement on her wedding day, have her carry a bouquet as classic and stunning as the one seen above.

  • A bouquet of roses in a circle

These bouquets are more focused on flowers than foliage because of their circular form. You may use this style of bouquet for any occasion, not just weddings. They provide the florist with a lot of creative leeway in choosing the blooms and hues that would best suit the customer’s occasion. Flowers in this arrangement have been popular for generations and are unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

  • A bouquet of hooped or wreathed flowers

Hoop or wreath arrangements are, maybe unexpectedly, all the rage at the moment. Such arrangements are becoming more common as the bohemian style becomes more mainstream. Florist Butterworth flower hoops and wreaths are common uses, but there are many more creative ways to put flowers to good use. The employment of different patterns, foliage, and flowers may also result in a wide range of prices.

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