6 Exotic Blooms to Decorate and Brighten up your House


Foreign flowers are those which either have unusual characteristics or grow in certain parts of the world. They can add a magical touch to homes and gardens. In fact, these potted plants and their blooms add a hint of freshness and brightness to your home. Many people plant common flowers in their gardens. However, by planting flowers from exotic lands, they can really impress other people and add to the beauty of their garden. Besides, people love receiving exotic blooms and so, they are great for giving as gifts also. The top exotic flowers of the world are mentioned here.

  1. Tulip

The tulip is really popular and comes in various colours, shapes and sizes. It is usually cup-shaped with 6 petals, all pointing upwards. There are several species of this flower and most of them have come from central Asia. It is commonly sent by people all over the world to their loved ones. In fact, this flower was so popular at one time that people paid huge sums of money for new varieties.

  1. Gardenia

Gardenia grows in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Oceania, southern Asia and Australia. It needs high humidity and bright light to thrive and thus, is difficult to grow elsewhere. It is a pale yellow flower that has a nice scent. It also comes in colours of red and orange.

  1. Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise blooms look like the head and beak plumage of a bird. It is a tropical flower and can be found in South Africa and America. Due to its beautiful shape and bright colours, it can be commonly found in tropical bouquets. It is also used widely in landscaping projects due to its beauty.

  1. Lily of the Valley

This flower symbolises happiness. Rather, hopeful happiness in your life. Its name signifies its native habitat. The plant has white bell-shaped flowers that give off a nice scent throughout the day.

  1. Amaryllis

This flower is native to South America, Central America & Caribbean. It is a highly colourful & showy flower & hence, is used to symbolise splendid beauty & pride. This flower is known to have 3 petals on the outside and 3 internal petals. It is commonly found in colours of pink, red and white.

  1. Oriental Lily

These flowers are grown across the lands of the USA and Canada. However, the bulbs of Oriental Lilies are cultivated in many other countries such as the Netherlands and New Zealand. The blooming period for this flower is from May to September. The flower is quite beautiful and can be found in many colours including white, orange, red, yellow and pink.

Lay these blooms in bunches and vases all across the house. Adding colourful addons and greenery with these exotic blooms brings freshness.

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