Top Best horse racing equipment for a racer

  • Riding pants

The Customs and clothing of an individual depend upon the occasion, event or personality. You just can’t wear a wedding suit to attend a funeral. Apart from being weird and strange, it may affect your image in society and also the public relation that you have built over the years.

Well, as a horse rider, you must have a dressing sense to look outstanding and unique from other ordinary racers. Selecting riding pants is not just about giving yourself a good look, but there are other threads tied to it.

One such important aspect is that you will be getting ultra-comfort padding after wearing a jodhpur, etc. Apart from comfort, it gives the racers full flexibility while racing. Now imagine wearing a jean instead of riding pants. Well, now you know the reason why you must buy riding pants like jodhpurs from www.discount-equestrian.co.uk

  • Boots

Boots are indeed important sportswear when it comes to good performance. Almost in all the types of the sport’s the player and/or participants are supposed to wear footwear according to the dress code set forth by the rules and lawmakers of that particular game.

Likewise, a horse racer must know about some common varieties of boots to choose between a wide range of options according to their preference. Professional horse racers also give importance to their collections of boots.

According to many professional racers and other experts, boot plays a crucial role and contributes to the players winning indirectly. On https://www.discount-equestrian.co.uk/ one can get a huge variety of footwear associated with horse racing. Don’t worry about the size. We have more than enough size range for all the age groups.

  • Saddles

Genuinely speaking, no one can sit on a horse without having a saddle mounted on top of their back. There are many reasons for this; one such obvious cause is discomfort.

But how a rider can get discomfort while he/she sits on top of a horse. Well, sometimes, the owners or the trainers of the horse forgets to brush, clean and groom the horse. If you are sitting on such a horse with saddles, there is a possibility that your skin may brush out against the laser-sharp horse body hair.

As per the racer’s perspective, it may cause interruptions and eventually, the racer may lose his focus on the event. However, a saddle interrupts in between your delicate skin and the horse body hairs.

Not only this, but a saddle will also improve the overall balance and helps to maintain control over the horse.

  • Bridle

Normally, a bridle is a leather strap that is fitted around the horse head so the rider can ensure 100% control over the movement of the horse.

Whenever players pull the bridle in a specific direction, the horse gets the view of only that direction. That means that they will start moving in the direction where they look. A bridle not only helps to control the direction, but it also helps to take control over the speed.

Traditional bridle comes with a long rein which more or less serves a similar purpose.

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