Top 5 Must Do Fall School Activities


Getting involved in school activities this fall is a wonderful way for children and young adults to learn more. Many schools offer a multitude of options from which students can select to join. By participating in fall school activities, students can meet new people and develop new interests. Benefits of students engaging in school activities often transfers to better academic performance and social interactions.

  1.   Music and the Arts

Many schools and town performing arts groups plan an annual drama performance. Students have the opportunity to try out for the plays. Roles include cast members, building the set, and lighting, which necessitates a variety of skill sets for the shows.

Often schools and music centers have jazz bands, orchestra, or activities for those who sing. Again, these require students to try out for these performing groups. Frequently, these groups have recitals and performance competitions.

Visuals arts is another great fall school activity. Some schools will have special contests with a Halloween or fall theme for which students make a 3-D art piece in groups. Other schools publish magazines with visual arts and creative writing, which is another way to learn more and have fun.

  1.   Sports

Cross country running, soccer, football, volleyball – fall sports abound as another option for must do fall activities. Other sports, not always associated with schools are rock climbing, quads, biking, which are sometimes offered through a town’s park and rec departments.

Participating in sports feels great after a day in a classroom or remotely on a computer. Physical movement and exercise are the perfect antidote to relieve stress. Another super way to meet new kids and be a part of a group. Learn more about the complexities of many of the fall sports.

  1.   Volunteer

Community service and volunteering includes a broad range of fall activities. Some schools are connected with different agencies who facilitate the organization. Volunteering offers students new perspectives. Through this work, students gain insight into issues in their community. They also learn that by working together many problems can be resolved.

Some activities might include collecting food for the town’s food pantry; spending time with senior citizens; or cleaning the roadside. Students will develop empathy and a sense of purpose.

  1.   Student Leadership

Learn more about the opportunities to develop leadership skills through the school’s student government. Typically, schools have some version of student council beginning in intermediate school through high school. In the fall, students are able to join the student council. Sometimes at the higher grades, there are elections for key positions in the government.

Student councils work with school administrators and teachers to develop programs and sponsor events for the student body.

  1.   Academics

In the fall schools offer students the opportunity to join clubs that are connected to their academic classes. Options often include tutoring or teams that compete against other schools. This is a perfect way to learn more about different subjects. Examples of clubs include – math teams, debate groups, robotics, or STEM programs.


Participating in any fall school activity is a wonderful way to meet others, develop or hone interests, and have fun.


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