Three Questions Every Nashville Resident Must Ask Before Installing A/V Systems


There’s not much to installing an Audio/Visual (A/V) system in your desired space. 

That previous statement is only partially true. Simply put, there isn’t an entire checklist of things to tick off. Yet, there are specific considerations that need to be accounted for.

For instance, say the Fairline Hotel in Nashville, TN, wanted to set up an A/V system. Their requirements will be entirely from the Riverwood Mansion or The Oak Room.

And all of it primarily boils down to the venue. Thus, when considering a vendor providing A/V company services in Nashville, TN, you must examine what your space means for the installation process.

So, here are three questions you need to ask yourself before opting for such systems:

  • Can potential conflicts and external equipment add to the cost?

A/V systems present a unique challenge beyond the physical parameters, especially in a commercial setting. Typically, advanced installations involve custom programming to some extent. However, depending on the contractor, this may be done by a third-party engineering team.

Consequently, there can be a disparity between the initial design and implementation and how that fits into your room configuration. This is even more pronounced in venues with air walls, which raise problems regarding acoustics, system control and event flow.

Thus, it’s vital to discuss two specific things before every installation. First, are there venue-dependent equipment conflicts or advantages you need to know? Second, how feasible is it to supplement the installed systems with external gear?

Remember, things may be more complex than just getting an additional microphone. Most often, the answer to those questions will result in price variations. 

  • How well does it integrate into the existing infrastructure?

An obvious but critical element when considering such setups is the issue of connection to existing power circuits. 

While this won’t be a significant challenge in residential installations, some commercial buildings can have difficulties in this case due to their network infrastructure. The best solution here is to work with an experienced integrator during the process.

Regardless, established agencies providing A/V company services in Nashville, TN, will most likely have a professional in their team specifically dedicated to this task. So, have a conversation with them regarding the most effective way to design a cabling system for your venue.

While you’re at it, throw in some questions about which tools work the best within your budgetary and space requirements. It also helps if you inquire about where you need to splurge. For example, robust speakers matter more in an enterprise-grade system.

  • Is there a failsafe for equipment or mainframe malfunction?

There’s little to be said for A/V equipment malfunctioning in a residential setup. The only way to get that fixed is to call in the contractors who installed it in the first place.

However, that same issue in a corporate conference or a commercial setting can be a source of massive embarrassment. Of course, it helps to have an IT or engineering team on retainer to provide the necessary support in such scenarios.

Nonetheless, that’s not always possible. The issue becomes even more concerning, considering most A/V systems can now be controlled through a device mainframe, such as an iPad. 

In short, if you are going this route, that is to say, the single-device control setup, have a contingency plan ready in case the mainframe malfunctions. A simple tip is to have manual controls in addition to such devices.

Questions about space

Remember to ask these three questions when opting for A/V system installation. In short, consider price variations, infrastructure compatibility, the availability of a structured cabling network and, finally, a failsafe for equipment malfunction.

In addition, always ensure that the contractors you hire are from reputed local agencies. After all, the only people who understand Nashville venues are the people who live in them.


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