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Are you looking to give the b1 test? Well, you have reached the right place to know about it. The b1 test holds a lot of significance. While applying for a British visa, the b1 test is mandatory. It is a significant part of the entire process. This test is conducted to check the English skills of the candidate. The applicants must know basic English while applying for a British visa.

This is one of the mandatory things to be done. There are two aspects of this test. Number one is to check the listening skills of the candidate. This will determine whether the candidate can understand the English language and the other one is the speaking skills as the fluency of the candidate is tested. There are a total of two tests conducted for this.

The b1 test has two phases for candidates to speak for 5 minutes. In English, the examiner will test the English dialect and grammar. These two are the important factors of the English dialogue. The B1 English Test consists of two tests. The examiner will test the English of the candidates. It is a mandatory procedure to follow while going for the b1 test.

Prepare a topic you have a keen interest in

Yes, indeed, prepare a topic you are interested in. As there are an array of advantages, you can seek from them. The candidate must know basic English. Moreover, the candidate is asked to speak in English for 5 minutes. The examiner gives the liberty to the candidate to choose a topic of its keen interest. Always go for a topic you are very knowledgeable about.

This will bring a lot of ease for you while speaking or having a conversation. The examiner, as you will be informative about the topic of speaking. The examiner will ask you questions regarding the topic. This will enable you to answer the questions very easily. It is one of the easy ways to pass the test.

This is also known as the discussion method. To be precise, the examiner and the candidate will have a conversation. This topic can be self-chosen by the candidate as well. What can be better than this? Learn about the topic well so that you can be answerable to the examiner. Select a wise and easy topic to appear for the exams.

How to pass the test with a good score? 

Well, it is not a very tough task to do. All you have to do is be well prepared. The examiner will first look at your confidence. As the second session of the test is called the conversation activity. The examiner will give the two topics to the applicant.

The applicant is supposed to answer the questions related to it.

This will lead to one of the best results. All you have to do is answer the questions very easily. It is probably one of the best ways to get the work done. By doing this, you can pass with a good score. There are many benefits you can seek from this. The examiner will give you a really good score. We hope this article will help you out with the purpose.

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