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And what is the most suitable clothing for running? Indeed, you have asked yourself this question thousands of times. Whether you have just started in the running universe or if you are already an expert in the field but have not yet found the kit that best suits you, we are going to help you with this essential guide. The premise that you can never forget is that clothing must be made with synthetic fabrics and be as light as possible. But let’s go step by step. We tell you the keys to choosing the correct equipment and the latest news in clothing for runners.

Technical T-Shirts

The first commandment, use technical shirts. And do not be scared by the name; they are called that way because of their characteristics. They are made with synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, which offer breathability, comfort, and lightness, vital elements for better running. So, forget about the propaganda cotton t-shirts you have around the house. The only thing you will achieve with them is that more sweat accumulates, and your training becomes heavier.

Which one is suitable will depend on the climate in which you are going to run? For winter, it is best to use long-sleeved tight shirts, which adapt to the movement of your body and maintain temperature. On the other hand, with high temperatures, the ideal thing is loose shirts and less fabric in contact with the body to avoid chafing.

In this sense, the trend in technical shirts revolves around garments designed with new technologies that regulate humidity and body temperature to improve performance and favor ventilation to keep the runner cool and dry at any temperature. In addition, they incorporate reflective details for outdoor workouts. And as a novelty, some brands include breathable mesh panels in their models.

Pants Or Tights

It is not about one or the other, but that you feel comfortable. Although the favorite garment of runners is usually shorts, it is true that at low temperatures, the most recommended option is to wear long, tight tights that keep the heat and offer maximum flexibility. Of course, as with t-shirts, the fundamental thing is that they are made with light fabrics and facilitate movement without producing friction.

Polyester and spandex – better known as elastane – are usually the synthetic star fibers for making pants and leggings. But fashion is governed by the needs of runners, so now we can find seamless pants to have greater freedom of movement, compression leggings with a “second skin” effect, and even leggings with pants (2 in 1). Every one of them is made with technologies and fibers that regulate temperature and maintain breathability.

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